11 Cute Snow Outfits All the Fashion Girls Are Wearing This Winter

My toxic trait is waiting till it’s actually snowing to purchase snow-appropriate clothing. There comes a time when we all must face our demons and do better, which is what brings me here today. Luckily, fashion girls are coming in hot with all the inspiration we need to get ahead of things and plan our winter wardrobes now. After all, it can be tough to muster the energy to dress cute when it’s freezing outside, your landlord hasn’t gotten around to fixing the heater, and you’re filled with regret for not paying for coat check last night because now you have someone else’s black puffer. No excuses now, my friend! I’ve gathered 11 snow outfits from Instagram that range from super casual to luxe to satisfy every type of snow personality out there.

Keep scrolling to find an epic pair of ERL ski pants, a shaggy coat practically plucked from the set of Almost Famous, and even a $200 faux fur–lined coat that should probably be $1000. Mess around and you might even be prepared this year—a concept.

Whites and neutrals just hit different in the winter. Monochromatic looks have been super en vogue lately, and that applies to your winter looks as well. Layer shades of the same color to create a look that will appear far more considered than it actually was.

This coat is peak cozy.

A must for the season.

Waterproof or it’s not worth it.

Are your friends texting you to get brunch in 30 minutes? No worries. Elevate your everyday sweats by adding a long peacoat and some lug-sole boots. I like to call this the bummy brunch look—it’s a lifestyle.

Not your average sweatshirt, this one is cut right at the hip, providing a more tailored look. Shop the matching Relaxed Sweatpants ($100).

It’s giving Eloise at the Plaza, a vibe permanently etched into my brain and pinned on my inner Pinterest board.

The cherry on top.

To my fun-loving free spirits out there, I know summer is our season, but the sun doesn’t fade in the winter. You feel me? Reach for a shaggy coat to spark that light and some joy. Wear it layered with a hoodie underneath or dressed up with a turtleneck and some leather pants.

Almost famous and always serving.

The only hoodie you’ll want to wear this winter.

A retro classic.

The vintage renaissance we’ve all seen over the past few years isn’t limited to warm-weather finds. Hailey is wearing a vintage Chanel puffer that automatically transports us to the nearest ski chalet, ready to take on the snow chest out. Where’s my espresso martini?

If The North Face and Hailey’s Chanel coat had a baby.

Perfectly ’90s.

It’s always gold-hoop season.

The faux-fur-and-legging combo is probably my most aspirational snow outfit. I find so much joy in this fancy and sporty combo, not to mention how easy it is to pull off. I’ve found some affordable faux-fur jackets, so you’ll be able to participate without having to cash out.

“Do you see this coat?!” This one is gonna go fast.

These remind me of long johns.

The error emblem on the front is iconic.

Winter and plaid go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows. Plaid is also one of those patterns that’s simple enough to clash with other colors and patterns. Layering plaids can provide such a cool payoff, and adding a beret only takes it to the next level.

Bundled up and ready to go.

Made in a lightweight fleece, these will be as comfortable as pajamas but still look structured enough to wear out.

Looking like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn.

When push comes to shove, we all know all-black is a fool proof recipe for a chic outfit. When it’s snowing, add some leather and furry accessories to keep it cute ‘n’ cozy.

This leather puffer looks so much more expensive than it is.

The perfect mid-rise leather pants.

An underrated winter accessory if you ask me.

Cheetah print, period. This year, we’re seeing cheetah and leopard prints applied to every type of coat ranging from furry to puffers and more. Throw on this coat and a red lip, and boom—you’re ready for anything.



Ski slope–inspired outfits are not limited to skiing. This sporty ‘fit serves you just as well in Prospect Park. It took me years to learn that having the right gear changes everything, even an aversion to snow.

Nothing beats cozy layers on a snow day.

The life of the party.

Full protection.

Like earmuffs, stoles are often overlooked when it comes to winter accessories. Well, I’m here to shed light on this extremely clutch accessory. Before you step out the door, grab your stole as you would a scarf, add some lug-sole boots, and you’re winter-proof.

Zara with the bangers per usual.

I love how woodsy these look.

Add a thick belt over all your layers this winter.

Headed to work? No problem. The turtleneck-and-puffer combo is a great outfit to keep in your back pocket. Spice things up with a patterned turtleneck to turn it up a notch.

Just a girl in her winter cocoon.

Shushu/Tong is one of my favorite emerging brands out there. This high-contrast top will never get boring.

Gold hoops do wonders for an otherwise casual outfit.

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