How Well Do You Remember The “Slapsgiving” Episode Of “How I Met Your Mother?”

  1. Which of these did Ted and Robin NOT salute as part of their long-running gag?

    1. General Knowledge

    2. Major Pay Raise

    3. Corporal Punishment

    4. Colonel Stuck-In-My-Teeth

  2. How many of the five slap bet slaps had Marshall used already (previous to Slapsgiving)?

    1. None

    2. One

    3. Two

    4. Three

  3. What was the website Marshall made to count down until the next slap?





  4. What is the exact moment the timer counts down to?

    1. Thursday at 2:01 p.m.

    2. Thursday at 2:59 p.m.

    3. Thursday at 3:01 p.m.

    4. Thursday at 4:59 p.m.

  5. How old is Robin’s new boyfriend?

    1. 38

    2. 41

    3. 43

    4. 45

  6. What super-awkward thing did Ted say to Robin to try and break the ice while making pies?

    1. “Remember last year’s Thanksgiving when we had sex seven times?”

    2. “Hey, the last time I was in this kitchen we were naked and covered in whipped cream.”

    3. “Have you had sex with Bob in this kitchen or just me?”

    4. “I think I’m still in love with you. Can you pass the nutmeg?”

  7. What ruling did Lily make after getting frustrated by the group?

    1. No slaps until after a civilized meal.

    2. Barney gets one slap back.

    3. Slapsgiving is a day of reckoning. Nobody eats until the slap has been done.

    4. Thanksgiving is a day of peace. There will be no slaps.

  8. What does Bob say that makes Ted and Robin salute once more?

    1. “It’s really a major buzzkill.”

    2. “You get the general idea.”

    3. “I’m gonna have a major hangover.”

    4. “Sounds like a private conversation.”

  9. What happens when Barney taunts Marshall?

    1. Lily slaps Barney.

    2. A food fight breaks out.

    3. Lily reverses her ruling.

    4. Marshall slaps himself.

  10. Which of these is NOT a lyric from Marshall’s Slapsgiving song?

    1. “You feel the blood rush to your cheek, tears start to fill your eyes.”

    2. “You can’t believe it, you got a high five right across your face.”

    3. “Your lips are tremblin’, but you can’t speak. You’re tryin’, oh you’re tryin’ not to cry.”

    4. “Everybody saw it, and everybody laughed and clapped.”

How Well Do You Remember The “Slapsgiving” Episode Of “How I Met Your Mother?”

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