17 Reasons Bob Belcher Is The King Of Thanksgiving

1. As a chef, it’s only natural that Bob puts his blood, sweat, and tears into the turkey each year.

2. He takes his time picking out the perfect one, getting to know them each individually before making a selection.

5. And speaking of Lance the Turkey, Bob literally grieved him when he was shot.

6. Then there was the time all of Bob’s turkeys ended up in the toilet. He was completely devastated.

7. But he went to great lengths to ensure there would be a turkey on Thanksgiving.

9. Bob also partakes in one Thanksgiving tradition per kid, including Turkey Crime Scene Investigation: Miami.

10. And when the Belchers spent Thanksgiving at Mr. Fischoeder’s place, he tried his hardest to find time to squeeze those traditions in.

11. Bob’s favorite tradition though is his Thanksgiving toast, which never disappoints in terms of dad jokes.

12. Sure, he ended up drinking a lot of absinthe that day, but only a man who eats, sleeps, and breathes Thanksgiving would have hallucinations like this:

15. And even though it hurts his feelings that the rest of the Belchers don’t love it as much…

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