How to Get Reposted on IG: 3 Brands Reveal What They’re Looking For

Sure, it’s fun to get likes and comments from your Instagram followers, but don’t deny that you’d love to get some virtual validation from your favorite fashion brands as well. When a brand shares your image with its large and dedicated fanbase, not only is it a nice gesture from a label that you spend your hard-earned money on, but it may also help you gain some IG followers and a larger reach. 

So what does it take to get reposted on a brand’s official Instagram account? I went straight to the source and tapped the social media managers of three stellar brands for their tips and tricks to getting noticed. Yes, it takes more than just tagging! Scroll down to see what they had to say. 

“Your post will get noticed by us when you tag @freepeople and use #WhenWeWearFP,” the brand’s social team told us. “The first thing we check is that your outfit is in stock and that FP pieces are the focus, that you’re not trying to highlight any other brands equally. Action shots are always the most interesting. Rather than stopping to take a photo, take us through your day. Good composition and lighting matter but more than anything else we get excited about photos that are one-of-a-kind. Lots of creators try and mimic each other’s set ups, locations, and poses, but we’d rather see what makes you unique.”

“We love reposting images of customers showing the suit in great lighting, fully visible and with an interesting background or location,” Jade Swim’s owner and designer, Brittany Kozerski Freeney, told Who What Wear. “Of course, that’s been harder to accomplish during the quarantine but we’ve had some pretty epic backyard images! Candid or posed is great as long as we can see the majority of the swimsuit. We rely on tagged images which are really important to note because if a customer just tags us in a comment, we will probably miss it due to the number of new followers we have and Instagram will only allow us to see a certain number of activity notes every time we log in. So we always recommend tagging @jadeswim so we can see your image!”

“Whether you’re spotlighting a specific piece or just posting a great street-style shot, make sure any products featured are in clear focus,” Who What Wear x Target‘s Instagram manager, Alice Burnett, told me. “Detail shots are a perfect example of this. Always try to ensure that you capture the details that make your styling unique. Also, keep in mind that busy or dark backgrounds tend to distract followers from the focus of the image, so it’s best to avoid shooting in these environments. Lastly, the most important tip is don’t over-edit. Today, images that feel raw and unfiltered perform best on Instagram.”

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