‘Buss It’ Rapper Erica Banks: DaBaby Wanted To Sign Me!!

Erica Banks, the artist responsible for the viral “Buss It” song, said that rapper DaBaby tried to sign her.

“Atlantic was one, Capitol was one — actually, DaBaby the artist the DaBaby, yeah he was the second person to reach out,” she said in the interview.


Danileigh pregnant by dababy (; 0:34)

“So I personally did not sign with DaBaby because — now let me say this before I tell you that I was very excited, it was my second offer. I was like ‘Hell yeah,’ I was about to get on the plane and go. But then I called my mom like, ‘This what I’m about to do, I’m about to go sign with DaBaby,’ She’s like, ‘Oh no, we need to slow down this is only the second offer we’re not going to just jump on whatever comes.’ I’m like, ‘Oh whatever mama you don’t know what you’re talking about.'”

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She then explained why she turned him down: “But typically I felt like me continuing to be an independent artist at that particular time, because 1501 is independent, I wanted an independent label. I felt like that was best for me and what I desired at that time in my life. But now I’m partnership with Warner — which is a great label love them but at the time I just wanted to kind of take things slow I wasn’t really ready to just go that big just yet right so 1501 I felt like it gave me a chance to grow and really get to know myself better as an artist before I went to that next level.”