Here's The One Thing You Never Noticed In “This Is Us”

1. This Is Us is the best show on TV, and it’s not up for debate.

Nbc / Ron Batzdorff / NBC

Don’t @ me, fam.

2. Like every episode, “The Pool” stirred up some major feels and left us shedding a few tears (sobbing uncontrollably).

3. But after we collected ourselves and watched it again, we noticed something a little peculiar.

Nbc / Ron Batzdorff / NBC

4. At one point in a flashback scene of their childhood, brothers Randall and Kevin jump in a pool and actually get along for approximately 2.5 seconds.

6. WRONG! If you look close enough, you’ll see a kid in the background doing the Dab.

8. It’s also important to know that before he breaks out into his Dab, he gears up with a little Whip/Nae Nae action.

9. Now, that’d be totally fine and normal, except the Whip/Nae Nae and Dab weren’t dances until 2015, and this scene is def a flashback of the 80s.

Nbc / Ron Batzdorff / NBC

10. Once again, This Is Us has left us completely SHOOK and unstable!

And we’re still gonna watch because it’s just that good.

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