Donald Glover Explains Why Magic Is Important During These “Divisive” Times

2. During his acceptance speech for the 2017 Golden Globe honor for best actor in a TV comedy or musical, Atlanta creator and star Donald Glover, reminded audiences about the importance of “magic.”

4. After his win, speaking to journalists at the press room in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, he elaborated further on his statement. He explained why it’s critical to “make magic” during a time “when things are very divisive.”

“I think honestly, right now we live in a time where things are very divisive. I think Meryl Streep was speaking on this a lot. We all have a lot of responsibility. I remember going to school [knowing that] Santa Claus was fake, but I was around a lot of kids who didn’t know that — so you have that responsibility to keep that [magic] going and understand why you’re doing it: because of joy.

“I think human joy is super important. It doesn’t come from computers. It just comes from belief. Acting, making music, all that stuff is believing in something that maybe someone older doesn’t truly believe. But when you see it in a child, it makes you kind of believe it again ‘cause we forget how innocent and beautiful we were.

“So I think, yeah, it’s our responsibility to make magic again ‘cause I think a lot of the shit that’s happening now is bullshit.”

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