Dior Has the Best Makeup Staples–Take It From Me, a Major Makeup Lover

I love makeup more than most people do, which is evidenced by the amount of makeup looks that I try on a regular basis for my stories. I feel incomplete if I haven’t created a makeup look for myself—it’s one of my favorite things to do. 

After trying so many different kinds of makeup, I know that some makeup brands simply live in a whole different universe—that’s how good they are. Dior makeup is one of those brands. Every Dior product I’ve tried has been a major success for me, whether that’s one of their airbrush-esque foundations or a glowy lip gloss. Below, I’ve rounded up my favorite Dior products, and I saved the best ones for last.

This lipstick is highly pigmented and wears all day. It’s hydrating, so it also won’t dry out your lips or leave them cracked, even though the finish is semi-matte. 

With 54 different shades to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this sleek, iconic lipstick. 

This innovative pen is somewhere between a concealer and a highlighter. Use it on the high points of your face to catch the light and cover any dark areas. Choose a shade lighter than your skin tone for the best results. 

There’s not much this mult-tasking foundation can’t do. It provides a boost of SPF coverage to layer over your sunscreen, hydrates skin, and is resistant to heat and humidity. 

In need of a good waterproof mascara? This one fits the bill, and gives lashes major volume, all while not budging to any of the elements. 

A good brow pencil is really hard to come by. They key to a solid brow pencil is to find one with a super-fine tip that won’t crumble or smear, which is exactly what this brow styler does. 

Serum foundations and skin tints are having a moment. This one is packed with anti-aging ingredients to help improve your skin as you wear it. 

This 5 color eyeshadow palette has everything you need to create a perfect smoky eye, every time. 

If you want matte, poreless skin, this foundation is perfect for you. It’s also fuller coverage.

You could pay for lash extensions, or you could use this cult-favorite mascara—the choice is yours. Your lashes will look feathery, long, and natural. 

I recently wrote about how cushion face makeup is all the rage in South Korean makeup products. Leave it to Dior to be ahead of the curve with their own cushion. 

Dior’s refillable lip balms leave lips hydrated, supple, and soft—plus, it imparts a dreamy sheen.

Wear this under any mascara and watch your lashes transform. This primer serum boasts to increase volume and curl—and a clinical study proved it does. 

I found it—the perfect liquid lipstick. Unlike so many other formulas, this one gives high-impact color but doesn’t settle into lines or leave lips feeling dry. 

Want to unlock the secret to the airbrushed skin runway models always seem to have? Opt for this skin-perfecting spray foundation, which is a makeup artist favorite. 

This is it: the iconic Dior mascara. If you want lashes that make your eyes look wide open, this super-curling mascara is the one for you. It also helps condition lashes so they can look as good as possible, even without mascara. 

This lip balm has shot to icon status, and for good reason. It helps condition lips while giving them a gorgeous wash of color. 

A concealer that mimics skin and truly hides imperfections and dark circles? Sign us up. It also won’t budge throughout the day, so you wan’t get any annoying creasing.

At this point, this Tik Tok famous blush truly needs no introduction. Everyone is always searching for a dupe, but let’s be honest, nothing beats the real thing—and once you try this blush, you’ll never want to go back. 

If you want a lip gloss that naturally enhances your lips while plumping and hydrating them, this is the gloss you absolutely need in your arsenal. It’s non-sticky and looks absolutely flawless.  Next, The Absolute Best Nars Products, According to Me (a Die-Hard Nars Stan)