I’m an NYC-Based Fashion Editor, and Here’s Everything I Wore During NYFW

The key to a successful and relatively stress-free fashion week is planning ahead. Take it from someone who’s spent far too many seasons waiting until the last minute to send invite requests, create a manageable schedule, and think up a social plan, if you want to come out of the biannual event with some semblance of sanity, you have to prepare before the chaos begins. Another extremely important task to get out of the way early? Putting together your outfits. 

With shows and presentations starting as early as 9 am, getting dressed during New York Fashion Week warrants a good amount of forethought. In my case, I started planning my looks roughly two weeks before the start of shows, mostly for this story, but also for peace of mind. In the beginning, it was mostly just mood-boarding and saving cool outfits to my Instagram saved folder. But by the week of, things were getting real, so much so that I had to set up a spare clothing rack in my 300 square-foot studio to keep things organized. 

It’s important to note, though, that you can never pre-plan 100% of what you’re going to wear—at least I can’t. With NYC’s ever-changing temperatures and my own inability to make a concrete decision when it comes to clothes, I always like to leave myself room to switch things up if I have to. 

With that in mind, see (and shop) all six of my looks from New York Fashion Week, ahead. 

On Eliza: Zara Combination Collar Jacket ($70); & Other Stories Relaxed Shorts ($89); Zara Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($23); JW Pei Lily Shoulder Bag ($69); Zara Flat Knee High Boots ($90)

I’ve been seeing Bermuda shorts paired with knee-high boots everywhere lately, so naturally, when it came to what trends I wanted to test drive during NYFW, this one immediately came to mind. I started with a pair of black, tailored Bermuda shorts from & Other Stories and purposely clashed by adding brown, knee-high boots from Zara. With the duo, I wore sporty sunglasses, a men’s denim jacket, and my new go-to shoulder bag from JW Pei.

My new everyday purse.

These look so cool with boots.

The perfect long-sleeve tee.

I’m going to wear these all throughout spring and summer.

Don’t skip the men’s section. 

On Eliza: Maryam Nassir Zadeh skirt; Zara Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($23); Prada 20WS Sunglasses ($418); JW Pei Lily Shoulder Bag ($69); Uniqlo socks; Zara Platform Clogs ($60)

When the forecast says it’s going to be 60 degrees in New York City in the middle of February, there’s no other choice but to go all out with your look, pulling out all of the warm-weather pieces you’ve been stocking up on all winter long. I got this see-through, sort of plastic-like miniskirt from Maryam Nassir Zadeh during a post-holiday sale and have been waiting to wear it ever since. I paired it with a men’s duster from Zara and a simple white T-shirt. Originally I’d planned on styling the look with platform clogs, but I settled on knee-high Dear Frances boots instead for the sake of comfort. 

To my surprise, these ended up being super comfortable, enough that I wore them multiple times during NYFW.

A very worthy alternative for my sold-out skirt. 

These boots were just released, but I’m already predicting a lot of sightings among the fashion crowd.

I get so many compliments on these.

Another men’s-section find that I’m freaking out over. 

On Eliza: Proenza Schouler White Label shirt; Zara leather pants; & Other Stories balaclava; Wandler Georgia Leather Shoulder Bag ($880); Simon Miller High Raid Boot ($690)

I don’t think it’s possible to not love a leather-on-leather moment, especially when it’s paired with a balaclava, platform boots, and lots of Heattech on a cold day. (No, the warm weather did not last.) Not pictured: My coat, gloves, and extremely thick socks, all of which participated in saving me from a day of freezing-cold misery. 

These feel just like real leather.

I love a belted moment.

My cream bag is sold out, but the black version is inching toward the top of my wishlist as well.

The higher the platform, the farther away you are from the snow. 

Wearing: Vintage t-shirts; Zara Vintage Loose Jeans ($70); Zara Platform Clogs ($60); Prada 20WS Sunglasses ($418); JW Pei Lily Shoulder Bag ($69)

I feel like a lot of people think you have to dress up all the time during fashion week, but some of my favorite outfits have been the ones that are casual and low-key. I ended up wearing this vintage NBA Finals T-shirt from 1996 with baggy trousers (swapped in for the slouchy jeans) and Bottega Veneta Puddle Boots (instead of platform clogs). On top, I wore a bright-yellow puffer from Gucci’s collaboration with North Face—a must when it’s cold and wet, but still NYFW. I think it’s important to be flexible when it comes to planning your looks. You never know what the weather will throw at you, not to mention how you’ll feel when you’re getting dressed. 

This T-shirt is insanely cool.

This coat needs no introduction.

I’m obsessed with Zara’s new jeans. 

I have the shorter version in this color and honestly, buying them was the best investment I ever made.

On Eliza: Who What Wear Collection Matilda Wavy Ribbed Cardigan ($135); Who What Wear Collection Wendy Wavy Ribbed Skirt ($135); Vintage Calvin Klein coat; Wandler Rosa Leather Slippers ($480); Uniqlo socks; Charles & Keith Green Koa Square Push-Lock Shoulder Bag ($83)

I’ve been looking for a reason—any reason—to buy this wavy-detail cardigan-and-skirt set from Who What Wear Collection for a while, so when NYFW arrived, I figured it was time to make the move. Since it’s not exactly warm enough for just knitwear, I paired the duo with my favorite faux-leather Calvin Klein trench and Wandler clogs that I swear I wear 5 out of 7 days a week. People say I’m obsessed with them, but I’m okay with it. I am obsessed with them. 

I also need this color because duh.

This knit skirt is flawless.

This jacket will make your outfit instantly cooler.

I wear these so much that I got them in another color. 

A pop of color. 

On Eliza: Prada jacket; Donni Pop Shirt ($111); Zara ZW the Boyboy Relaxed Fit Jeans ($70); Charles & Keith Green Koa Square Push-Lock Shoulder Bag ($83); Simon Miller High Raid Boot ($690)

The final day of NYFW is usually pretty tame compared to the rest of the week, and this season was no different. Because of that, I wore a simple ensemble made up of my new favorite Zara jeans, a white button-down, and a green, nylon Prada jacket. To keep up with the color moment, I added this Charles & Keith green, shoulder bag. Easy. 

Everyone needs at least one of these.

I’m a sporty sunglasses super fan.

This jacket is ideal for transitional weather. 

It doesn’t get much better than this. 

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