Daunte Wright’s Killer Released From Jail!!

Kim Potter, the former cop who killed 20-year-old Black man Daunte Wright during an arrest, has been freed from jail.

Kim Potter, 48, was released from a Hennepin County jail Wednesday evening after posting a $100,000 bond.

Potter was slapped with a second-degree manslaughter charge days after 20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot and killed during a traffic stop. The incident took place less than 20 miles away from the location George Floyd was allegedly killed by former officer Derek Chauvin.


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Cops attempted to make the arrest, but Wright re-entered his vehicle and drove off. In her body camera footage, Potter can be heard shouting that she will use her Taser before shooting Wright once in the chest with her handgun.

The former police chief said that Potter shot Wright by accident, mistaking her gun for her Taser. Nobody is buying that story. Both have resigned from their jobs. 

They say they pulled him over because his license was expired. They also found an outstanding warrant for his arrest.