Cue the Nostalgia: These 4 Jewelry Brands Are Bringing the 2000s Back

Y2K style has quickly been making its way back to the 2021 fashion scene with one trend after the other. While the ’90s brought back minimalism, the ‘2000s bring neon colors, funky prints, and the controversial low-rise waist.  If those seem a little too out-there for you to try out, why not start with accessories? The fun jewelry that you’re seeing all over your social media feeds lately is like the pieces you would’ve bought at Claire’s or Limited Too but so much more elevated. 

While there’s a variety of jewelry all over the market, I rounded up the top-selling brands that are doing the best at leading the nostalgic trends. Among the selection. below you’ll find pieces that are not at all subtle but will immediately boost anyone’s mood. Keep scrolling to see (and shop) the fashion set’s favorite jewelry brands right now. 

Founder Jessica Tse is a former accessories director, so she knows her way around fashion-forward jewelry. Each piece from Notte is made by hand and incorporates fun and whimsical–from smiley face earrings to red chili necklaces.

Are you really on Instagram if you haven’t seen these colorful rings on your feed? From the hands of your favorite NYC influencers to celebrities like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, this brand is hard to miss. 

BonBon means candy in French, and Whims is short for whimsical, and those are exactly the vibes these Y2K-inspired pieces will give. From candy colored rings to bottle-cap earrings, there’s plenty of fun options in this brand’s offering.

Eliou meets the lines of traditional and contemporary, creating pieces that combine rainbow and letter beads with elevated elements like pearls and gold.

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