Buckle Up: The 15 Best Designer Belt Bags of 2022 Are Here

A quick history lesson for you: The fanny pack, a 1980s wardrobe staple, decided to rebrand itself. In 2021, the belt bag was born. That’s it.

I didn’t say redesign because the design is really just the same. Worn around your waist like a belt or slung over your shoulder like a bag, belt bags and fanny packs are both convenient ways of carrying your belongings. I love a good handbag, but I will say handbags have their flaws, especially when you live in Manhattan—spending minutes at the Whole Foods self-checkout digging around for my wallet and hearing impatient coughs from the long line, hugging it to my chest when I’m taking the subway late at night, accidentally bag-slapping my fellow civilians on the sidewalk as I rush to hail a cab… And that’s where the belt bag steps in.

The fundamental difference between a fanny pack and a belt bag is the former’s level of sophistication. Just take the name itself. Would you really buy something named after your arse? No, and this is exactly why (okay, maybe not exactly) luxury designers decided to help with the rebranding and introduce designer belt bags.

Designer belt bags are essentially Bluetooth: hands-free, modern, and attached to a steep price tag. At first, I was skeptical of these bags (and Bluetooth, too), but after a Sunday of heavy-duty research, I was convinced. As belt bags are sleek and practical, I found myself tabs deep in inspiration to save my paychecks for. I also have taken the liberty of rounding up the best designer belt bags to share some of this inspiration. 

And who knows, maybe designer belt bags will have a rebranding in 40 years that someone else will write about. But for now, keep scrolling to see the 15 best designer belt bags available now.

Golden Goose is proving the brand doesn’t just make distressed sneakers. It also makes sleek bags to go with said sneakers.

My two favorite words: studded leather.

Name one outfit this wouldn’t go with.

Designed to carry your AirPods, one penny, a single piece of gum, and nothing else.

This is named after Pandora’s box, which is oddly fitting given the havoc this bag would wreak on my bank account. 

Of course I had to include a chain and leather (okay, coated tweed)option.

Dressed up or down, this is a truly versatile bag.

An oddly specific price but a very dapper bag nonetheless.

Good luck trying to get into that, pickpockets. 

Really loving this “black birch” vibe.

Finally bringing the red from the soles of its shoes into the spotlight.

Now is the time to press purchase on this beauty.

The definition of adorable.

“Belt bag” taken very literally.

Yup, there are even belt bags to go with your bikini.

A staple.

You really thought I wouldn’t include a classic option?

On sale and on trend.

Pairs perfectly with sunglasses and stylish sneakers. 

Essentially a cardholder on a chain.

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