A “Twilight” Prop Auction Is Happening So You Can Now Buy Edward Cullen's Shirt

1. If you’ve ever identified as a Twihard, your 2008-self is about to have their dreams come true because over 900 pieces of wardrobe, props, and set pieces from The Twilight Saga films are now up for auction.

2. In case you want to kill it at Comic Con with the most legit costume ever, or, you know, bundle up in Edward Cullen’s actual jacket during the winter, those things can all be a reality.

3. The full auction features items from all five films, including full outfits worn by the characters, pieces of furniture from their homes, Bella’s crashed motorcycle, Edward’s famous black sunglasses, Bella’s engagement ring, and much more.

4. Each item — like Edward’s iconic cafeteria outfit below — has a minimum bid, as well as a potential estimate of what it might go for.

5. And the auction goes down live November 19-20 at the TCL Chinese Theatres in Hollywood, but you can go ahead and see all 900 items in the auction catalogs and place your online bids now.

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