6 Spring Basics That Pair Perfectly With Any Pair of Jeans You Own

Basics could easily be considered the backbones of a wardrobe. It’s these simple pieces that are highly versatile and more or less act as the building blocks to help balance out the perfect outfit. We routinely share with you some of the key basics fashion people rely on. And today, we thought we’d focus on those spring basics that pair flawlessly with any pair of jeans you own.

In reality, just about any basic top, sweater, or jacket could team well with denim, but the edit coming your way specifically features those trend-forward basics that are particularly noteworthy for the season. With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the knits, shirts, and more that work well with skinny jeans, straight-leg cuts, and wide-leg silhouettes. Oh, there’s also a range of visual and shopping inspiration as well.

A white button-down shirt teamed with jeans is a classic and chic look. Try a slightly oversized fit for a particularly modern vibe.

While a slouchy blazer can pair well with a range of items, it looks quite chic with denim.

In the outerwear realm, a longline trench coat with jeans is a look the fashion crowd is all about.

You just can’t go wrong with a tank top and jeans ensemble. Add some fun accessories, and you’re set.

A ribbed cardigan (like this one worn as a top) is a modern basic that’s incredibly stylish with denim.

A polo—especially a knitted silhouette—is a trendy basic that just works for a polished look.

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