The Sandal Trend I’m Shopping to Ease Me Back Into Wearing Real Shoes

At this point, I think my feet are turning into the shape of a slipper—that’s how much time I spend in them. When I have worn real shoes in recent history, they’ve usually been casual flats or sneakers. This year though, we’re all hopeful that our lives will return to some sense of normalcy. But I imagine that our wardrobes won’t completely go back to the way they were during the before times, and one of the ways in which that’s likely to be the case is shoes.

My tolerance for uncomfortable shoes has certainly decreased over the past year but I do kind of miss heels, believe it or not. They’re pretty, and certain outfits just look better with heels. But instead of going from flat soles to 4 inches (not that I even own heels that high anymore), I’m easing into it with low-heeled sandals. I’m talking 2 inches on average. I’ve been on the hunt for the chicest pairs for myself and I’m very happy to share my finds with you.

Keep scrolling to shop the best low-heeled sandals on the internet. Your feet may hate you at first, but eventually, they’ll thank you.

Thanks to the little elegant chains, I just might have to buy these first.

Bye bye, slippers.

Everyone will want to know where you got these.

I love it when shoes look more expensive than they are.

These couldn’t be any cuter if they tried.

That heel is a work of art.

When it comes to shoes, Zara gets me.

These really make me want to wear heels again.

I think about these a lot (can you blame me)?

The chicest flip-flops you will ever find.

I just did an entire story on this particular shoe trend.

You’re going to reach for these a lot—trust me.

A ’90s-era dream.

These look so chic on.

In case you’re not into the strappy thing.

Summer, in shoe form.

I’m just really here for these little buckles.

If you really want to be comfortable, go for a flatform.

Yep, chain details are still a thing.

I enjoy this color, so in they go.

By Far knows what we want.

No wonder these are selling fast.

Cult Gaia always comes up with the coolest heel details.

If you splurge on just one pair, these are worthy contenders. 

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