50 Cent: I Want To Fight Floyd Mayweather!!

Floyd Mayweather will soon be stepping into the ring to fight Logan Paul, but 50 Cent says he wants a crack at his former friend.

“I don’t think I can make weight, though,” Fif said when Big Tigger if he would be prepared to fight. “I’d fight Floyd if I can get down, closer to the [weight]. Or he could just let me not have to get down to 150,” he added. “I tried [losing a lot of weight] before, I looked like a homeless person,” 50 continued. “I can make it like down to like 180.”


Floyd Mayweather Gives Antonio Brown Money Advice On Instagram Live (; 0:51)

Floyd was due to square up with Logan Paul on February 20th, but the fight has been postponed — one of the reasons for the delay being COVID-19.

According to TMZ Sports, a Mayweather spokesperson confirmed the postponement. The person listed “COVID and other things” — while others say there was simply not enough interest in the fight. Mayweather was almost a guaranteed win.