3 Ways We’re Stacking and Layering Our Favorite Jewelry Right Now

I don’t know about you, but this time last year, my only holiday plans involved tucking myself snugly inside my West Hollywood apartment with a glass of champagne and a stack of vintage magazines in hand, clad in less-than-festive loungewear for the inevitable virtual hangs with family and friends. This year, as I prepare to venture out of my lair and back into the world for all of the IRL holiday get-togethers, even my introverted self can’t help but delight at the thought of dressing for the occasion. 

For me, holiday dressing has always been an excuse to do one thing: dream up new ways to layer and stack my favorite jewelry. This year, I’m pulling all of my favorite rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings out of my jewelry box and putting them to good use, adding a little sparkle to my step and a twinkle in my eye. Below, I’m letting you in on some of my favorite combinations, care of Pomellato (a fashion-editor favorite), and its elegant Nudo line.

Consider these your fashion editor-approved tips and tricks for adding the perfect finishing touch to your dressier looks all December long (and well into the new year.)

There’s nothing chicer than a layered necklace situation, especially when my favorite topaz pieces are involved. Choose varying chain lengths to ensure that all of your gems get their due attention. Plus, some people will say it’s off-limits, but I’m a sucker for a good metal-mixing moment. Something about it makes a look feel that much cooler. Trust me on this. 

Personally, I find it impossible to stop with just one ring, especially during the holiday season. Grab these stunning pavé pieces in pink rose quartz and topaz, and stack away. I mean, sure, you could wear them on each individual finger, but sometimes you just need to welcome the extra drama. 

Pomellato’s bracelets are a statement on their own. (I mean, can we take a moment for this double-stone situation?) But recently, my motto has been more is more. Don’t be afraid to triple up on sleek Nudo bracelets—in rose quartz, white topaz, and sky-blue topaz—to create a layered cuff look that’ll really turn heads. Consider this your formal invitation to join the arm party of the season.