24 Times “How I Met Your Mother” Made You So Freaking Angry

1. When Ted cheated on Victoria with Robin.

“He cheated on the perfect girl in the first season, and then totally screwed her life up all over again six years later.”
—Crystal Anne Libby, Facebook

2. When Ted made Robin get rid of her dogs because they were gifts from her ex-boyfriends.

Cliff Lipson / CBS

“Meanwhile, Ted lied about throwing away all the stuff from his exes. That would have been instant breakup for me. Why are you so jealous of your partner’s past?”

3. When Lily broke off her engagement to Marshall so she could go to San Francisco, only to return a few months later.

“Lily leaving Marshall and coming back expecting everything to go back to normal. Marshall did not deserve that at all.”

4. When Barney admitted that he once “sold a woman.”

—Taylor Tompkins, Facebook

5. And whenever Robin or Lily became a wingwoman for Barney.

“Why would they buy into his sexist bullshit scenes to get women? Come on, ladies! Fight the patriarchy!”

6. When the whole gang (even Marshall!) slut-shamed Robin for sleeping with the Naked Man.

“Meanwhile, Barney has slept with hundreds of women.”

7. How HIMYM treated women in general.

“The female characters are usually put into one of four stereotypical camps: mothers, ‘crazy,’ sluts, and ‘cool girls’ who are pretty much just ‘bros with boobs.’”
—Amara Vasquez, Facebook

8. How homophobic and transphobic the show often was.

“Ted suggests playing a game called ‘Who’s Hot And Who’s Scott?’ It was infuriating.”
—Gabe Gonçalves, Facebook

9. When Lily stole a prized baseball from Ted’s boss to teach him a lesson.

“When Ted figures it out, she says that’s what she would do to her kindergarten students if they were mean to someone. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? She not only puts her job in danger, but the jobs of others, including one of her best friends.”

10. When Robin dated (and even got engaged to) her court-ordered therapist.

“American Psychological Association guidelines say you can’t have sexual relations with a client until two years after they’ve stopped being your client, and even then it’s pretty frowned upon. If Kevin were to marry her during that time, he’d definitely have to face some consequences.”

11. Every episode with Zoey in it.

“I don’t understand why Ted dated Zoey. She was the worst and was ruining his lifelong dream of designing a building in New York City.”
—Mary Sansone, Facebook

12. How few people of color there were for a show set in New York City.

“One of the, like, three women of color out of the whole nine seasons only spoke about two lines. And one of those lines was referring to some blond girl, saying, ‘Her ass looks better than my face.’ WTF?”

13. When Robin competed to be godparent to Lily and Marshall’s kid, even though she never wanted children.

Cliff Lipson / CBS

“It was shown time and time again that Robin doesn’t like kids, yet she thinks that she should get Marvin if his parents die? At that point she hadn’t even held him!”

14. Ted’s entire relationship with the pretentious Karen.

“That girlfriend was the worst, and although it just shows how good of an actor Laura Prepon is, it also totally ruined Donna from That ’70s Show for me.”

15. When Lily purposely sabotaged a bunch of Ted’s relationships because she couldn’t imagine growing old with them.

“Sure, those girls were pretty awful, but it was NOT her place. She was so selfish!”
—Devin Softley

16. How cruel Robin was to Patrice for no reason.

“Robin was just a cold bitch to her and always screaming at her when Patrice was the nicest person ever.”

17. When Lily guilted Marshall about working for a bank instead of being an environmental lawyer.

“Uh, Lily, I think you’re forgetting why he took this job in the first place: Your THOUSANDS of dollars in credit card debt. When Marshall tells her that he actually enjoys his job at GNB, she gets upset because he isn’t sticking it to the man? GET OUTTA HERE. He’s providing for your family and your whiny butt.”

18. When Barney essentially lied to Robin for months as a build-up to his proposal.

“Barney putting Robin through basically hell and then asking to marry her. AND SHE SAID YES.”
—Jennifer Francis, Facebook

19. Every time Marshall would make a major life decisions without consulting Lily.

“He quit multiple jobs without talking about it with her, and took two different jobs Lily didn’t want him to have without telling her. He was selfish about forcing Lily to have a baby before she was ready, and he didn’t stand up for Lily to his parents when they insulted her and were intrusive.”
—Crystal Anne Libby, Facebook

20. When the cast dressed up as Chinese characters in the final slap bet episode.

“Racial appropriation makes me cringe, Chinese culture is not a costume, and they really missed an opportunity to add some diversity before the show ended. I always skip that episode.”

21. When Robin and Barney got divorced a few minutes into the series finale.

“You spent an entire season celebrating their wedding and showing them starting their life together, then decide to break them up just so Ted could have a shot with Robin 20 years later? No way, I ain’t buying it.”

22. And when Barney went back to being a sleaze to women after he and Robin split up.

“I was already upset that they were getting a divorce cause I wanted them together since season one, but to have Barney immediately turn back into his old self was frustrating. It completely destroyed his character development throughout the whole series.”

23. When Tracy had to die in the finale just so Ted could end up with Robin in the end.

“After all I invested into rooting for Ted to find the love of his life, it turned out he loved Robin all along?!”

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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