23 Things That Happened During The “Big Little Lies” Season Finale That Made Me Scream Like Renata

🚨Warning: There are major spoilers ahead!! 🚨

Last night was the Season 2 finale (and possible series finale) of Big Little Lies. Here’s everything that happened:


The episode starts with Celeste thinking of Perry’s death and watching old videos of him, when she stumbles upon a mysterious video on her iPad.


We don’t know what it is yet, though.


Ziggy basically gives Jane a pep talk about her love life and tells her that he wants her to be with Corey, which is a little odd IMO, but at least he approves!


Renata runs into Mary Louise at Starbucks and gives her a piece of her mind about putting Celeste through the custody battle. Mary Louise responds with some quip about how Celeste should get a nanny, which is really just a backhanded way of rubbing Gordon’s affair in Renata’s face.


To say that Renata was pissed would be an understatement.


There’s a flashback to a 5-year-old Perry with Mary Louise at the site of a car accident. She repeatedly shouts at him, “Look what you made me do!”


On the stand, Celeste asks Mary Louise if she had ever lost her temper with her own sons. Then it’s revealed that when Perry was younger, Mary Louise lost her temper, causing a crash that killed Perry’s brother. Over the years, she “emotionally battered” Perry and blamed him for his brother’s death.


Then Mary Louise says that Perry was never an abuser and that Jane is “mistaken” about his raping her, even going as far as to say that Perry was the victim.




Celeste shows the court a graphic video her sons had secretly recorded of her being beaten by Perry. She then tells Mary Louise, “This is your son.”


Jane sees Corey at the aquarium and apologizes for being distant. She tells him that he should be out having fun and he says that spending time with her is fun to him.


Which is sweet, I guess? But, seriously, what happened to coffee shop Tom from Season 1??


Mary Louise confronts Celeste at home, asking why she lied about her “hitting” and “kicking” Perry, and basically calls Celeste weak. Celeste responds, “You lost your boys. You don’t get to take mine.”


I don’t know that much about law but isn’t it, like, against the rules to talk to people you’re in a custody battle with? Idk!


Bonnie decides not to kill her mother like she asked, but instead tells her that she loves her.


Madeline and Celeste have a heart-to-heart where Madeline says she never should’ve started the lie because “it’s unraveling all of our friendships.” Celeste replies, “The lie is the friendship.”


Bonnie’s mom wakes up and appears to be making a full recovery.


Ed tells Madeline that they were “delusional” to get married and that they aren’t who they used to be. But instead of asking for a divorce, he suggests they renew their vows.


Despite her presumed recovery, Bonnie’s mom has another stroke and later dies.


Mary Louise apologizes to Celeste saying that she “had no idea” that Perry was abusive.


The judge decides that Celeste gets to retain custody of her boys.


Bonnie tells Nathan that he’s “a good man and a wonderful father,” but that she’s not in love with him and doesn’t think she ever was.


Okay, I know Nathan is a jerk when it comes to Ed, but that was H A R S H.


Renata comes home to find Gordon playing with his train set, which he got to keep even though he sold it. She’s rightfully furious that even though he’s the one that bankrupted them and had an affair, he gets to keep his possessions while she lost everything. She then goes Lemonade on his ass and destroys all his beloved toys. Oh, and she also throws her wedding ring at him.




Madeline and Ed renew their vows in their backyard with just their daughters in attendance.


Mary Louise drives back to San Fransisco, sans grandchildren.


I’m not sorry to see her go.


Jane and Corey consummate their relationship, which is a huge deal given Jane’s trauma.


Celeste seems to get some kind of closure by deleting her videos of Perry.


Finally, the Monterey Five go to the police station to presumably turn themselves in and confess to Perry’s murder.


But, we don’t actually know what happens and we might never know because a Season 3 is very unlikely. Sad!

That’s all folks! What did you think of Big Little Lies Season 2? What lingering questions do you have? Tell us in the comments!