18 Behind-The-Scenes “Good Place” Facts We Just Learned About The Final Season

So, the cast and creators of The Good Place recently stopped by San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the show’s final season…

Here’s everything we learned:

1. The Season 4 finale script is officially done and the cast is having their table read for it this week. *cue endless tears*

2. Executive producer Mike Schur said his original plan was to send the cast the final script before Comic-Con, but then he thought better of it because he didn’t want any of them — *cough* Ted Danson *cough* — accidentally spilling any of the secrets during the show’s panel.

3. He also didn’t want to give it to them yet because it’s a series finale and he didn’t want to make anyone too emotional or sad before the panel.

4. Kristen found out that Season 4 of the show would be its last season when she got a call from Mike while she was driving. She said, “I saw Mike was calling me, and I said, ‘Hi Mike!’ and he said, ‘Hey, uh, I want to talk to you,’ and every bone in my body immediately somehow knew that he was going to say we were either cancelled or wrapping it up.”

5. According to Kristen, “the story showed [Mike] how it was going to end” and because of that he was “going to take that opportunity and wrap it up.”

6. Mike first brought up ending the series after four seasons during Season 2. Executive producer Drew Goddard said, “I tried to talk him out of that very quickly. And then as he explained the story that he had in his mind, I went, ‘Oh, it is the right decision.’ … I think when people see the finale, they will understand why this show needed to end right now.”

7. D’Arcy has been viewing the news of the series finale as a breakup: “It feels a little bit like a breakup, when you are still in love with the person, but you know that it’s not going to last or something. So it’s like, well, I still love you, but let’s end this in a way that feels good for everybody.”

8. Kristen directed an episode in the upcoming season and, according to Marc Evan Jackson, who plays Shawn, it went “aggressively smoothly.”

9. Kristen said she’s already “bossy” on set, so this time it was fun because her castmates couldn’t “ignore her” anymore and had to listen to her.

10. Before directing her episode, she huddled with everyone on set and said, “If I’m not giving you something that you’re after, don’t let our familiarity get in the way.”

11. There are no spinoffs currently in the works — according to Drew, the current plan is for this series finale to be the end — but the cast thinks a Shawn or a Pillboi spinoff would be great.

12. Meanwhile, Mike thinks a David Lynch-ian show about Derek “floating through space and time” would be a good one.

13. Speaking of Derek, we will definitely get to see more of him in Season 4.

14. Mike said “there might be more dancing” in the upcoming season, so everyone get ready for some Jason moves.

15. Mike also hinted at a new Janet! No details on what kind of Janet she’ll be, so let your imagination run wild.

16. We might also be getting some sort of final showdown/interaction between Good Janet and Bad Janet.

17. Manny Jacinto, who plays Jason, says Jason and Janet will get “some sort of happily ever after.” Whether that’s a happy ending for them together or with other people is to be decided.

18. According to Manny, after talking to Mike about how all of the characters’ storylines will wrap up, he thinks the finale is “pretty damn satisfying.”

Season 4 of The Good Place is set to premiere on Sept. 26 on NBC.