21 Times Rachel Was The Best Thing To Happen To Nick On “The Bachelor”

1. When she, a grown-ass woman with a grown-ass job, rolled out of the limo looking flawless.

2. When she dropped this adorably punny line to win over Nick’s heart.

“Before I got here, I finished setting up my fantasy teams…but the only plays I want to make this season are for your heart.”

5. When she was a lawyer, but still saw something in this “software salesman”.

8. When she still gave Nick the time of day after watching him make love to a beignet.

14. When she held him accountable for his behavior with Corinne in a very relatable way.

17. When they had this adorable moment right before Nick met Rachel’s family.

19. When they were too into each other to take in the gorgeous Finnish scenery.

20. When she finally let her guard down and Nick admitted he was falling for her.

21. And when she showed up to Women Tell All and all the former contestants — even Taylor and Corinne — went wild because everyone could agree that she was the best damn thing to ever happen to Nick*.

*and this dumb franchise we keep watching for some inexplicable reason.

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