16 Reasons Why “Chernobyl” Is The Best TV Show Of 2019

The HBO mini-series Chernobyl just aired its fifth and final episode last week — and it’s already become the highest-rated show ever on IMDb. Here’s 16 more reasons why you should add it to your TV rotation, stat:

Did we mention it’s only five episodes?


The mini-series is, of course, based on real events from history.


Chernobyl is based on the events surrounding the April 1986 disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Soviet Ukraine, which has been considered by many to be the worst nuclear disaster in human history.


And the showrunners undertook exhaustive research to make sure they got the details right.


The show’s screenwriter, Craig Mazin, apparently tapped into all kinds of sources for material, including conversations with scientists to understand how a nuclear reactor really works, written testimonies, and historians’ research.


Chernobyl is basically an unconventional horror show…


It doesn’t follow the traditional horror formula, but the show still manages to be fully scary, especially since you know the accident really did happen.


But it’s also just a very gripping drama.


There’s lots of legal drama and geopolitical intrigue, too!


The way the show builds suspense is nothing short of masterful.


The tension around the disaster is always present, but unlike normal horror shows, you never get a “break” from the threat at hand. It’s always there.


Visually, it’s a stunning work of art.


There are so many scenes, especially the ones that illustrate the effects of radiation, that will leave you terrified. But it’s not just gore for gore’s sake — these scenes also portray the true fear and sadness that the victims felt.


There’s no one main character. Instead, the show follows the events of the accident through multiple characters’ points of view.


As a result, the show succeeds in portraying how the disaster affected a range of people, from politicians and scientists to perfectly ordinary people who didn’t know what was going on.


And just about every character gets to have a pivotal moment that’s all their own.


The characters might only appear in one or two episodes, and you won’t remember their names, but you’ll understand perfectly well why they’re there and what their role in history was.


And you can’t really pick a favorite, either.


It’s not about having a “favorite” character in this show or being able to point to one “bad guy.” The most compelling thing about the show is the story itself.


And even though this series is based on something that happened in 1986, it feels very relevant in 2019.


The plot dives pretty deep into the way a government can respond to a major accident — and how they try to hide it.


There’s also an implicit critique in the way women are dismissed or not believed in the show.


In one of the scenes, we see how a scientist, who’s an expert on radiation, gets ignored by a man who doesn’t know anything just because he happens to be in charge.


Each detail of the production is outstanding.


You can just tell from all of the special effects and sets that every scene was shot with the utmost care and quality. The result? A production you could easily expect from an Oscar-nominated movie.


Surprisingly, it’s very educational.


Chernobyl so well-researched that you’ll end up just learning a lot about radiation and physics while you’re watching.


And of course, the actors’ performances are just wonderful.


Take our word for it: this show will dominate the next awards season.


Critics are also big fans of the show.


Finally, it’s a very short series — perfect for getting through on a few weeknights or one solid weekend.


If you’re one of those people who doesn’t have a ton of time to spend on a TV show, Chernobyl is the perfect length for a mini-series that’s well worth your while.

This post was translated from Spanish.