15 Dating Shows From The 2000s That Would Never Air Today

The Premise: This was a Bachelor-type show where a bunch of girls competed for the love of a guy. Except the guy every season was Flavor Flav, member of the rap group Public Enemy. I don’t know what adventurous executive decided to make this show, but it was wildly successful, launched the career of the legendary Tiffany Pollard, and inspired at least eight spin-offs. Eight. That includes Rock of Love With Bret Michaels, I Love New York, and an etiquette competition that Sharon Osbourne hosted for a season called Charm School. Yeah, I’m confused, too.

Why it was so wild: Tell me who today would agree to take even a week off work to compete for the love of Flavor Flav. Especially knowing he’d leave you immediately after the show wrapped to film a new season. This show is still an enigma, but I kind of live for it.

Maybe the 2000s did it best.