14 Characters In Rom-Coms Who Were Actually Total A-Holes

If you haven’t seen this Netflix gem, you missed out on one of the most entitled, shitty, “nice guy” protagonists in rom-com history. Noah (Adam Devine) is in love with his good friend Avery (Alexandra Daddario), who is about to be happily engaged to the perfectly nice Ethan (Robbie Amell). Despite having never expressed any of his feelings to Avery, and despite her having pretty clearly communicated on the night they met that she sees him as a friend and not a romantic interest, he decides to use an ACTUAL TIME MACHINE that he stumbles upon to change the past and make her love him. Like, don’t bother trying to change any major catastrophes or anything. Nah, use time travel to get yourself out of the “friendzone.” Sure.

Of course this plan fails, because it’d be endlessly creepy if it succeeded. But what’s worse is that Noah discovers along the way that actually, now he’s in love with Avery’s roommate Carrie (Shelley Hennig), even though he barely even looked in her direction before. His affection for her is mostly based on her taste in music. Not even kidding. Maybe Noah should’ve used the time machine to make sure he was never born.