'Legends Of Tomorrow': Maisie Richardson-Sellers On Amaya's Reunion With Commander Steel

Amaya is about to reunite with an old friend on Tuesday’s “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.”

“It’s interesting because every single person has reacted to her differently that she’s met [again],” Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who plays Amaya/Vixen, told AccessHollywood.com, about her character reuniting with the Justice Society of America’s Commander Steel. “Some have been angry, some have been straight away accepting, and Commander Steel is accepting. He’s very professional. I think out of all of them, he’s the most professional. So that’s the way that he approaches her is as a teammate — not overly emotional. But there is that sentimental value of having spent so many years together.

“But, of course, the main person is Nate because it’s Nate’s grandfather. So that’s an interesting reconnection as well — especially because last time, Commander Steel was quite cold towards him,” Maisie continued. “So what will he be like this time?” 

Tuesday’s episode takes place in 1970 around NASA headquarters. The Legends go there after finding a time aberration connected to the Apollo 13 mission that leads them to Commander Steel (who has the last piece of the Spear of Destiny).

As the team works to protect history from Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash and keep it the way it should be, Commander Steel makes a case to change his own timeline — something that will affect Amaya and Nate’s relationship.

“I think they clash a little bit because Commander Steel wants to change his future when he figures out that he can, which will then mean that Nate’s father would have a better childhood, and therefore Nate would [too], whereas I am against that because we’re not allowed to change the future,” Maisie said. “So, Nate and I do clash a bit over that and that really tests our relationship in the next episode.”

Nate’s upbringing is what prompted him to bury his nose in history books, something that put him on a direct path toward becoming a Legend. And, Nate will face his own conflicts about changing things. In the last episode, Ray Palmer warned him that Nate’s romance with Amaya could affect her future, and impact whether or not the Vixen that Team Arrow knows, is ever born, or when Amaya herself dies.

“I think Nate has to sit and brew on this one for a while because he knows that telling her is distressing. It’s not a pleasant future. And also, it might change [whether] she wants to stay or not. So he’s got his own vested interest as well,” Maisie said.

And there’s also the large matter of speedster Reverse Flash/Eobard Thawne to grapple with in the new episode. Not only does he want to affect history and get the final piece of the Spear, but he was the one who killed Amaya’s late love, Rex Tyler.

“All the stakes are extremely high right now,” Maisie said. “She does come face to face with him, and that’s huge for her. So this is the second time now, and she doesn’t want to let him escape again like he did last time. So, it’s huge. And also, the question is — if he gets destroyed, then what does she do? Does she go home or not? So there’s a lot of questions in her mind, I think, approaching the possible meeting.”

And, there’s the small matter of how the team takes on a speedster without a speedster among the Legends.

“I know! This is the tricky thing. But because there are so many of us, I think we’re trying to use that to our advantage instead and use our collective powers to try and beat him,” Maisie said. “But, of course, there’s still three episodes left afterwards, so it’s an interesting battle.”

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW, after “The Flash.”

Jolie Lash