'Arrow': Josh Segarra On Playing Prometheus

After spending much of Season 5’s “Arrow” supporting Mayor Oliver Queen, and helping Diggle, it certainly seemed like there was a stark contrast between lawyer Adrian Chase and recently-revealed alter-ego Prometheus.

But, Josh Segarra, who plays Adrian/Prometheus confirmed there’s definitely no supernatural twist to his character. All of Adrian’s seemingly good deeds are part of his revenge plot to take Oliver Queen down.

“I think that it’s all part of the plan,” Josh told AccessHollywood.com. “You wonder, right, when Chase started thinking about this. You wonder like, ‘Dang, has this guy really been thinking about it for that long? And my answer as Josh is, ‘Yeah.’ This started a long time ago for him, when he lost his dad. It started then. So, that was all part of making sure that he went under the radar. 

“When I saw the Prometheus mask, I had to answer for myself, ‘Why did this guy choose a mask, right?’ … And I think the answer to that, for me, was because he can be unhinged behind the mask, he can be the fire that’s burning inside. He can let that go full force and that’s what he had to kind of always keep the lid on as Chase,” Josh added. “Prometheus influences Chase, and Chase influences Prometheus. It’s the same guy, so he’s living in two sides of himself.”

When Chase offered himself up as the scapegoat for the Mayor’s Office cover-up scandal, it was just another push he was giving Oliver, to make a decision Chase/Prometheus wanted.

“Chase is trying to throw himself under the bus. He does it a lot. ‘Hey man, use me. It’s OK, use me.’ It’s all part of the plan, because I know who this man is and I know that he’s let me in, and he’s taking care of the people around him so much.I see [that],” Josh said. “[I] knew in the end he’d throw himself under the bus. … But, I bet when he [Oliver did do that, by telling the media Green Arrow has gone rogue], Chase goes, ‘OK, good. That went well. OK, on to the next one. Step 6 — check. Thank goodness,'” Josh recounted, explaining things from character’s perspective.

Throughout the season, there’s been a wildcard in the mix – the yet-unmasked Vigilante – who also has it out for Oliver Queen. Last time Prometheus met Vigilante, he shot him off a roof.

“I am just so excited when I get to see Viglante pop up again because that guy’s a badass,” Josh said.

It was only recently revealed that Josh is playing Prometheus, but many, including Josh himself, assumed at the start of the season, that he was Adrian Chase, lawyer by day, Vigilante by night.

“Vigilante has been a big part of this journey for me, obviously. The comic book character influenced a lot of who Prometheus is [both] literally and figuratively. There was a point where, for about nine days, I thought I was playing this guy Vigilante. So, I read all the comics … I did as much research as I could, so he’s going to influence him,” Josh said. “And then, of course, I get the name Adrian Chase, I get that mantle, so I’m now getting to take from Prometheus, from Vigilante, and from Adrian Chase. I get three characters that are in the cannon; I get three characters that I get to pull from. That’s fantastic. I get to take all these pieces of these guys.”

“Arrow” continues Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW.

Jolie Lash