Zara Just Released Its Most French-Girl Collection Yet

If you’re not fully familiar with Emmanuelle Alt, her name probably at least rings a bell. Alt served as the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris for ten years, departing last spring. Alt, who now focuses on styling, has a pared-down aesthetic when it comes to her own personal style, and is known for her impeccable wardrobe of neutral basics. When she wears trends, they’re subtle and timeless, like an oversized leather jacket.

My point in telling you all of this is that Alt and Zara just released their second collection together (their first came in July), with Alt serving as creative consultant. The name of the new collection is Into the Classics, and it contains a plethora of timeless pieces with Alt’s signature French twist. It’s pretty much every basic you need for fall in one drop.

Scroll on to shop the best basics from the collection, because given how obsessed us Americans are with Zara and the French, it’ll go fast.

I often think about how I need a black jacket just like this.

I love a cashmere sweater that can be tucked into jeans.

The perfect jeans to wear with sneakers.

Take my advice and snatch these up.

Talk about timeless.

Clear out the old and tired sweatshirts to make room for this one.

A very sophisticated way to wear low-rise.

This looks like a jacket you’ve had for years—in a good way.

Low price, high-quality belt.

I can see why these are the priciest piece in the collection.

Might they be telling us that 3/4-sleeve shirts are becoming cool again?

These could easily be mistaken for fancy designer pants.

Such a cool, low-key take on the Western boot trend.

Next up: Our editor Judith just went to Zara and tried on 10 of its best new pieces.