Your Zoom Date Might Be Cringey, But You’ll Look Cute in These 4 Necklines

The blazer-on-top-and-sweatpants-on-bottom joke is a little stale by now, but it’s not any less true 12 months into the pandemic. It’s all about the top half of your look when you have meetings, classes, interviews, and even engagement ring reveals on Zoom.

When it comes to Zoom dating, I happen to think it’s a lot easier to pick out a virtual outfit compared to an IRL one. Forget all the questions you used to ask yourself: Is this dress too long? Too short? What shoes do I wear with these jeans? Now, if you want to put some thought into your date outfit, all you have to consider is the neckline. Are you going for a flirty vibe or a sleek and serious look? Scroll down for four neckline ideas for your next Zoom date. 

I love sweetheart necklines and think they’re perfect for a Zoom date. If I’m wearing a solid color, I love to show off a beautiful necklace, but if I’m wearing a busy print, I just let the shape of the neckline do all the talking. 

Mock necks are perfect if you’re going for a super sleek vibe and don’t feel like showing off skin. I would personally wear my hair back and throw on a cute pair of earrings. 

Square necks were all over Bridgerton, so obviously they’re surging in popularity right now. I think they feel fresher than a classic V neck and are great for showing off necklaces. 

Tell me you’re a fashion girl without telling me you’re a fashion girl. If you want to make a memorable impression, cutouts are the way to go. They definitely make a statement and will show your date that you’re on top of trends

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