Your Fall Basics Checklist: The 7 Handiest Buys of the Season

Welcome to your fall basics checklist. While we all love to make a thrilling trendy purchase, what would your fall wardrobe really be if you didn’t have those more simple anchoring pieces on lock? As we’ve explained before, basics (or the lack thereof) can be the difference between having a solid sartorial foundation and feeling like you have nothing to wear, despite having a closet full of options. It really comes down to those classic staples you can wear over and over again, and I’m about to highlight seven such options that I think will lay the foundation for an A+ fall wardrobe.

The following seven items include the basics that are fresh for the current season, just forward enough to feel exciting but are the classics that you’ll find yourself wearing over and over. I can basically guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth out of them, and yes, you can quote me on that. The reason I think they’re so handy is that you can wear them multiple different ways, dressed up or down, and look stylish every single time. Whether it’s a great knit dress, this season’s big sweater trend, or a fresh pair of denim, continue on to see (and of course shop) the best basics for fall, according to me.

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