Young Buck: 50 Cent Kicked Me Out Of G-Unit For Complaining About Money!!

Young Buck has revealed why 50 Cent kicked him out of G-Unit — he says it’s because he complained about money.

“We were six months into the situation of getting back together and out of nowhere, this interview comes out and it was one of those interviews where, prior to us getting back together, I had spoken on me not receiving any publishing, never seeing a royalty check in my career,” Young Buck told DJ Vlad. 

“Everything I done done has been off shows. Well, that was the big and bold headline and it came across 50’s desk. He immediately took this at a place of– to this day, I know why now but, at the time, he reacted to that so f*cked up that Sha Money was like, ‘Yo, we gotta fix this, bro, 50’s tripping out over this.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, Sha, how can I fix it? It’s the truth, I ain’t never seen a royalty check.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah I know but we gotta fix it.'”


Young Buck On IG Live (; 1:00)

Buck says that despite Fif’s claim that he received $10 million during his time with the group — he did not.

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