Would Gordon Ramsay Hate You?

  1. How would you respond to this criticism?

    1. “My pastries are fucking INCREDIBLE, Gordon. And frankly, you should feel blessed for them having caressed your tastebuds.”

    2. I’d take a deep breath and say nothing.

    3. I would apologize for my wrong doing and tell him how stupid my armpits are.

  2. How would you respond to this?

    1. I’d slap those slices of bread away from my head because HOW DISRESPECTFUL.

    2. I would take myself to my happy place so I don’t start crying.

    3. I’d call myself an idiot sandwich because I’m obviously being an idiot sandwich.

  3. And how would you handle this situation?

    1. I would throw my hands up in defeat and just walk the fuck out of that hell hole.

    2. I would lower my head out of fear of further insults.

    3. I’d respond with, “I think you’re being sarcastic, but, yes, I would like a medal if that’s on the table.”

  4. And how would you handle this creative insult?

    1. “Fuck you, you’re the panini head.”

    2. I’d nod but secretly hope he’d stop yelling soon.

    3. “Sir, yes, sir!”

  5. How would you respond to this?

    1. “I’M NOT A VIRGIN.”

    2. *gulp*

    3. “I…I…I know.”

  6. And what about this one?

    1. Mumble indecent words under your breath so he knows that you’re talking about him but he doesn’t know what you’re saying.

    2. Start crying because your whole life is centered around food and you don’t know what to do with your life anymore.

    3. “I’m so sorry for whatever I did wrong. I am useless.”

  7. And, finally, how would you react to this lovely situation?

    1. “No. Fuck no. This is the final straw. You will not threaten to put pumpkin up my butt. I’M OUT OF HERE.”

    2. Finally lift up your head and say, “Seriously, you need to chill out.”

    3. “Diced, please.”

Would Gordon Ramsay Hate You?

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