Woman Uses Gorilla Glue To Lay Her Hair; Now Stuck w/ Permanent Hairstyle!

An Atlanta woman named Jessica Brown is going viral, after MTO News learned that the 22 year old used Gorilla Glue to lay her hair – and now it’s stuck.

Jessica explained to her followers on TikTok that she typically uses hair spray to keep her hair in place. Unfortunately, Jessica ran out of hairspray and improvised – she decided to use Gorilla Glue spray instead.

Initially, the Atlanta native was happy with the way the glue held her hair in place. Then she realized the glue was holding her hair a little too well.

Her hair has now been stuck in the same style now for the past few weeks. And it looks like she may have to continue rocking that ponytail forever.

Check out Jessica’s story:

Woman Uses Gorilla Glue To Lay Her Hair (; 0:59)

Here’s the way she used to look, before her hair got stuck to her scalp. She’s a very talented singer:

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