Why Can’t Joe Rogan Make Up His Mind?

Joe Rogan is an alt-right disinformation spreader, or so his fiercest critics allege.

Others view the Spotify superstar as the tonic for a culture drowning in woke dogma.

One reason Rogan remains so successful? He can inspire comments like this without missing a creative beat. He’s even willing to poke fun at the media attacks against him.


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Still, following Rogan’s political advice can leave audiences woozy.

Rogan, by any reasonable measure, is a left-leaning soul with a dash of Libertarianism. He smokes pot, hunts and extols free expression. He’s pro gay marriage and abortion, but he’s willing to speak to guests from across the political divide, anathema to the modern Left.

Wanna try nailing down his ideological position? Good luck.

Still, his “both sides” style can be maddening, especially given the reality his fellow Americans face.


In recent months Rogan has excoriated President Joe Biden, suggesting senility has gotten the better of the 79-year-old. He also vowed he wouldn’t invite former President Donald Trump on his Spotify showcase for fear of elevating him.

Both positions, again, are both reasonable and in line with his persona. So is his embrace of Gov. Ron DeSantis, one of the Right’s fiercest warriors against the woke mindset.

Yet it wasn’t long ago that he raged against the GOP for its abortion stance, declaring he’s a “bleeding heart liberal,” during his impassioned rant.

“It’s not just abortion rights, but now they’re going after gay marriage too, which is so strange to me,” Rogan said. “Gay marriage is not silly. It’s marriage — it’s marriage from people that are homosexual and it’s for them. It’s important. They want it. They want to affirm their love and their relationship. And the fact that they’re going after that now almost makes me feel like they want us to fight. They wanna divide us in the best way they can. And this is the best way for them to keep pulling off all the bulls*** they’re doing behind the scenes is to get us to fight over things like gay marriage or get us to fight over things like abortion or it’s just like, why are you removing freedoms?”

Is it “The Joe Rogan Experience” … or MSNBC?

That was then, or more specifically during a late-July chat with comedian Andrew Schulz.

This week, Rogan switched sides in dramatic fashion.

He invited football great Aaron Rodgers on his podcast, and the conversation naturally steered toward COVID-19. The Green Bay Packers’ QB famously fought with the NFL over its vaccine requirements.


The superstars recalled how medical elites told people to avoid beaches during the pandemic, one of the least effective means of containing the virus. More importantly, they recalled how Democratic politicians flouted their own draconian rules.

And the government’s hard-charging policies ruined the lives of many Americans. Many weren’t allowed to visit with elderly loved ones or keep their livelihoods intact.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter could rally with impunity … and no Democrat would dare tell supporters otherwise.

To Rogan and Rodgers, the last two years left an indelible mark on America. One party made that possible, aided by a media machine that lives and breathes progressive talking points.

“As far as compensation for all of those people that were forced to close their businesses and keep their doors shuttered and lost everything they had worked for decades to build — no, they’re just going to be angry,” Rogan said.

“So what do you tell those people?” Rodgers asked.

“Vote Republican,” a laughing Rogan responded. “That’s what a lot of them are going to do anything.”

Rogan is right, again, as the hosts at “The Clay & Buck Show” detailed this week. If there are no consequences for Democrats who fear-mongered a nation without evidence or results, and who glibly defied rules that their voters endured,  then the same thing may happen again.

Count on it.

Would you still vote GOP, though, if you believed what Rogan said about the party’s plans to divide the nation and keep gay Americans from marrying?

Confused? You’re not alone.


Rogan remains at or near the top of the podcasting game. His show remains irresistible, in part, due to his solid questions, wit and innate curiosity. His political persona deserves to remain as nuanced as possible.

Stars who eschew naked tribalism are both rare and necessary.

Swinging madly from Left to Right, though, doesn’t help the cultural divide. It might just make it worse.

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