White Rapper Iggy Azalea Accused Of Calling Fan A ‘N**GER’

Female rapper Iggy Azalea is under fire today, for allegedly calling a fan of hers a n**ger, MTO News has learned. The fan posted a screenshot showing an alleged conversation between Iggy and himself, where she allegedly used the racist slur.

The fan claims to have trolled Iggy in her DMs. And Iggy reportedly got upset, and called him the racist slur.

Here’s the alleged screenshot.

Years ago, Iggy got into a bit of a controversy, when she became upset after fans ytod her that she was not allowed to use the “n word”.

Iggy wrote on Twitter back in 2014:

“So you’re allowed to say n*gga because you’re black. Yet I can’t say it? The word n*gga is different from n*gger. N*gga is used to describe someone who is arrogant. Idk why it’s such a problem when white people say it, when black people know d*mn well that a MAJORITY of people saying it aren’t even saying it to be racist because most racist don’t say n*gga.”


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