Which Celebs Got the Biggest Rocks?

Size isn’t everything, but when you see a huge rock on a celeb’s finger, you can’t help but drool a little bit. Huge diamonds are eye-catching, and we all know we’ve dreamed of what it might be like to look down and see one on our own hand. Have you ever wondered which celebs have been given the biggest rocks? Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most serious bling sported by celebrities over the years.


Victoria Beckham

Not only does Victoria Beckham own one of the biggest celebrity engagement rings, she owns several!  She has sported fourteen engagement rings throughout her marriage to David Beckham so far. That’s right, fourteen. She’s had diamonds, emeralds, yellow diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. But one of the most impressive is her whopping 17 carat pear-cut diamond! If that’s not a drool-worthy ring, we don’t know what is.


Angelina Jolie

Their marriage didn’t last, but the ring Brad Pitt gave to her after seven years and six children together was well worth the wait. It was an impressive 16-carat table-cut ring that was reportedly worth around 500,000 dollars.


Anna Kournikova

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are a private couple, but that hasn’t stopped people from noticing, and drooling over the large rock on her hand. The stunning pink, pear-shaped diamond is an impressive 11 carats of unique beauty.



She’s a style icon, feminist, amazing singer, wonderful mother, and has made our list with her beyond impressive 18 carat ring from husband Jay Z. Some might say it pales in comparison with her own beauty, but we can’t help drooling over the 5 million dollar ring regardless.


Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor may have one of the most famous, and certainly one of  the biggest, celebrity engagement rings of all time. Her emerald cut diamond ring was a huge 33 carats. Talk about a rock! Her finger muscles must have been impressive to carry such a weight around.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

It’s no surprise that Kate Middleton’s ring makes our list. She married Prince William after all. No one expected that ring to be anything but spectacular. Not only is it unique, consisting of an 18-carat sapphire that is surrounded by 14 solitaire-cut diamonds, but it holds significant sentimental value. The beautiful ring, set in white gold, once belonged to Diana, Princess of Wales. It’s easily one of the world’s most recognizable  stones.


Jackie Onassis

Jackie Kennedy received a truly impressive, and iconic ring for her second marriage to tycoon Aristotle Onassis. It was a whopping 40-carat marquise cut diamond with VS2 clarity. If that’s not impressive enough, the ring was cut from a 601-carat diamond and sold for over 3 million dollars after Jackie’s death.


Kim Kardashian

Kanye West proposed to his famous wife with a stunning 15 carat diamond, but Kim also makes the list with another engagement ring. Her engagement ring from Kris Humphries, for their 72 day marriage, was an impressive 16.2 carat rock that was reportedly worth over 2.5 million dollars.


Heidi Klum

Heidi’s ring was both large (10 carats) and unique. It was an eye-catching yellow center diamond set in a gold band of pave diamonds. Her marriage to Seal ended in 2014, but we will always remember that gorgeous rock! 


Mariah Carey

The marriage didn’t even happen, but that won’t stop the whopping 35-carat rock Mariah received from fiance James Packer from going down in celebrity history as one of the biggest and most expensive of all-time.


Celebrities are a lot like us, but there’s no denying they have more impressive bling than the average person. While most of us will never look down and see a 30 carat diamond on our hands, we can certainly appreciate the beauty of celebrity rings from afar.