What to Wear When the Invite Says “White Attire Only”

It’s a summertime fantasy for the ages: lounging on a rooftop with a tropical drink in hand chatting it up in a sea of crisp, white outfits. Summer soirees are a dime a dozen, but there’s always an air of sophistication when it comes to an all-white party.

It’s natural to stress when a party invitation with a special dress code attached hits your inbox. Be it cocktail, beach casual, or festive attire, it’s not always easy to interpret exactly how to look. But, there’s particular stress brought on when that RSVP includes a specific  “white attire only” outfit protocol. We assume the least clumsy and most bold-color-averse might like the challenge, but for anyone else, a dose of inspiration helps.

That said, the looks ahead offer several different ways to interpret the famed white from head to toe dress code from a creative and fresh perspective. So whether your white-attire party takes place on a yacht, a chic hotel rooftop, or the basement of your favorite neighborhood bar, consider yourself thematically covered.

With craft-core’s big splash happening right now, an elevated crochet pant set feels just right.

Matching sets always come in clutch for big party moments. 

Special details, like this wrap effect and skinny straps, add something special to an otherwise basic ensemble.