What Exactly Is a Casual Interview Outfit? These 20 Looks Will Explain

Nothing compares to the anxiety one can experience when preparing for a job interview. In addition to dusting off the résumé, you have to pick the perfect interview outfit, which can sometimes be even more challenging than the interview itself. Looking and feeling your best to secure that job offer is a must. But unless you’re going to be working in a more traditional corporate environment, knowing what to wear to a casual job interview can be tricky. Luckily for you, there’s a slew of polished yet casual interview outfit ideas that will work year-round—you just have to keep reading. Ahead, we’re highlighting the key work wardrobe pieces needed to create the perfect interview outfit so you can spend less time stressing about what to wear and more time prepping.

Style tip: Unless you’re working in a more traditional corporate environment, you don’t have to shy away from showing off your personality. Pair a fun printed cardigan with trousers and statement heels for a look that balances personality with polish perfectly.

Pro tip: Opt for a cardigan with a high collar to ensure there are no cleavage mishaps. 

Style tip: Again, crafting an interview outfit doesn’t mean you have to put on a bland pencil skirt and button-up. You can wear more trend-forward pieces, so long as they err on the more modest side. Style your beloved leather blazer with a maxi dress and loafers, and you’ll have the perfect casual yet chic ‘fit.

This will be a staple in your work wardrobe for seasons to come. 

Style tip: What better way to show off who you are than with a great interview outfit? Pair a colorful sweater (ideally one that doesn’t show too much skin) with a wrap skirt and colorful ankle boots, and prepare to serve the best first impression.

You’ll keep their attention with this color. 

Style tip: Ah, it’s sunny and almost 70ºF, so what’s a girl to wear to an interview? Enter this casual outfit idea. For warmer spring days, pairing a maxi skirt with a blazer and either boots or another closed-toe shoe option is the perfect way to keep yourself from sweating the whole interview while still looking put-together.

Black blazers are an essential part of any wardrobe. 

Style tip: If you can’t imagine not wearing more traditional business attire to an interview, then you’ll want to take note of this outfit idea. You can spice up a simple sweater and button-up by pairing them with a contrasting maxi skirt, leather jacket, and fun statement shoes, like clogs.

This is the ideal skirt to transition from spring to summer. 

Style tip: When it’s sweltering in the summer, but you still have to look polished enough for a job interview, you should live by the motto less is more. It may seem basic to pair an oversize button-up with jeans and sandals, but it’s fail-proof.

Great denim works wonders. 

Style tip: When in doubt, suiting is always a safe bet for any situation. But if you want to pull off a suit during the summer, opting for a waistcoat and trousers in a lighter cotton or linen fabric will ensure you keep your cool during your interview.

You can also style this with jeans on the weekend. 

Style tip: If wearing any form of pants or layers in the summer for an interview is a no-go, you’ll want to look at this outfit as your next option. A button-up midi dress is a perfect piece to pull out for an interview, as it’s conservative yet chic. But if you want it to make you stand out from other applicants, don’t be afraid to opt for a bright hue or fun print.

A dress worthy of being a part of a work and weekend wardrobe. 

Style tip: Just because you’re interviewing for a job doesn’t mean you have to wear neutral tones. Opting for a suit in an unexpected hue paired with a top and sandals is not only the perfect outfit idea for a balmy summer day, but it’s also bound to impress any HR team.

All eyes will be on you in this suit. 

Style tip: As an editor, I can’t tell you how many times I relied upon an arsenal of statement skirts for my work wardrobe. Pairing a pleated skirt, leather skirt, or even a slip skirt with a blazer, T-shirt, or blouse is a fail-proof way to look good year-round.

A seasonless staple, if I do say so myself. 

Style tip: Your beloved work-wardrobe staples will never fail you when showing up and out for your interview. Throw on a button-up dress and add either a blazer, a sweater-vest, or both with a pair of knee-high boots, and you’ll basically already be hired.

You can wear this on its own in the summer or with layers over it in the fall. 

Style tip: The key to nailing a casual outfit without looking like you rolled out of bed is having an arsenal of polished pieces you can throw on in a mere moment. Something like a collared jumper paired with jeans and sandals is effortless and elegant all at the same time. 

Warning: You’ll want to wear this all the time. 

Style tip: I cannot stress enough the importance of owning a great sweaterdress. It’s not only a piece you can wear to the interview (style with ankle boots and trench), but you’ll wear it again to the office after you’ve secured the gig.

I own this dress, and it’s one of my favorites. 

Style tip: Just because an interview is casual doesn’t mean you can’t look cute. The easiest way to do that is by pairing a turtleneck with leather trousers and ankle booties. If they don’t hire you on the spot just because of this ‘fit, then they don’t have good taste.

I can personally vouch for the fact that Aritzia’s vegan-leather pants are worth every penny. 

Style tip: Who said office staples had to be stale? Consider this your case study in styling basics. Promote your oversize button-up to a whole new level by layering a leather top or even corset over and finishing the look with trousers and boots. They’ll be begging you to join them in the boardroom with this ‘fit. 

Is it just me, or did this shirt make you want to sing, “So fresh, and so clean, clean”? 

Style tip: Layers will always always be your friend when it comes to dressing for any corporate setting, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring look. A button-up blouse and jeans can be spiced up with a leather blazer, a printed sweater-vest and Chelsea boots.

How cute is this vest? 

Style tip: Winter weather isn’t easy to dress for, especially when you have an upcoming interview. But the key to nailing a casual look all goes back to having great separates. Styling a wool overcoat with a leather button-up, leather pants, and loafers is the simplest way to look professional during the winter.

Loafers are work-friendly shoes you can wear year-round. 

Style tip: Consider this your public service announcement—you do not have to wear pumps in the dead of winter to that job interview. Pairing a neutral suit set with a matching turtleneck, ankle boots, and even a coat layered over will ensure you don’t slip on the ice, don’t freeze, and don’t give a bad first impression.

Not your typical blazer. 

Style tip: Yes, this is the second time you’re seeing an outfit idea that includes a sweaterdress, but I’m telling you this staple is fail-proof for an interview. Style it with knee-high boots and a belt, and you’ll be hired in no time.

I own these knee-high boots and am obsessed with them. 

Style tip: You’ve made it to the end, and hopefully, you’ve been able to decide what you’re wearing for your big day, but if you still have doubts, then turn to your trusted staples—like an oversize turtleneck, a wool coat, leather pants, and combat boots. At the end of the day, when it comes to nailing a casual interview outfit, you want to pick something that is comfortable, chic, and still corporate-friendly. So don’t be afraid to opt for your basic wardrobe pieces. (They won’t fail you.)

Doesn’t this look so cozy? 

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