We’re Taking Fashion Risks in 2022—These 16 Styles Are Giving Me Life

In the past year, I’ve started my career in fashion and moved to NYC, and if these two major life changes have taught me anything, it’s that risks are not only fun but also necessary. It only took me a few months to start wearing styles that I never used to reach for in a store or online. And now that we’re in a new year, I’m keeping that same energy and committing myself to even more fashion risks in 2022. After all, I owe it to myself (and my Instagram followers) to experiment with my personal style. With the help of Net-a-Porter’s new arrivals, my closet can get the spunk that it’s been lacking. The site’s selection of statement sweaters, bold accessories, and textured outerwear is currently giving me life. Are you also interested in taking your wardrobe to the next level this year? Keep scrolling for some fresh finds.