We’re Calling It: 5 Under-$50 Trends That Will Reach It Status This Summer

Although it feels like spring just started yesterday, summer is basically around the corner. While I love the transitional weather of spring, I am ready for the warmer weather and sunnier days ahead. Our closets are, too, which is why we’ve been giving you the digital download on all things summer fashion, from outfits to try out and must-have pieces to the latest trends. Today, we’re not just discussing summer trends. We’re talking about top trends you can love and shop straight from our latest drop of the Who What Wear Collection. The best part? Everything is under $50, of course.

From dainty matching sets to statement-colored tops, there are plenty of items below that will certainly make excellent additions to your summer wardrobe. We’ve already shown you how we editors have styled some of our favorite pieces, but the limits are endless. Whether you wear matching sets as is or separate, wear contrasting colors, or put on a simple white top, summer is coming, and it’s time to get those outfits on deck.

This one may seem obvious since it comes around every summer, but that’s because it’s simply too good (and comfortable) to pass up. The airy silhouette is perfect for combating the heat while still looking good.

These aren’t your average shorts. Fashion girls were quick to embrace the Bermuda length on shorts with suit sets and are now bringing the trend into the summer. I don’t blame them. They seem much more comfortable than average short shorts.

We may have spent the greater part of this past year in matching sweats and pajamas, but the trend is trickling into our back-to-normalcy wardrobes, too. Think of it as a way to ease back into normal dressing without having to think too hard about an outfit.

While there are a few colors that are trending big specifically for summer, playing around with any bright hue works, too. People most certainly want their “reemergence” looks to be bold, and they’ll do it with color.

White just doesn’t have to be for the wedding day. Its simplicity will give your wardrobe a sense of calm in the midst of the summer.

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