We Need To Talk About This Carole King Moment In The “Gilmore Girls” Revival

1. We all know that Carole King is a musical icon and queen.

Matt King / Getty Images

3. King went on to grace Gilmore Girls with her presence in another way, playing the character of Sophie Bloom, Stars Hollow’s music store owner. And when Gilmore Girls came back with a Netflix revival, King came with it.


4. In the revival, Sophie is part of a test audience for a new musical Taylor Doose is putting on about the town of Stars Hollow. When the group is brainstorming possible new song ideas, Sophie mentions that she’s written some songs herself.

5. So Sophie gets up, walks over to the piano, and busts out with the beginning bars of, “I Feel the Earth Move,” the opening song on her smash hit album, Tapestry.


7. Then Taylor interrupts her. “That’s not catchy,” he says. “Yeah, you’re right,” she responds. “Sorry.”

9. Never forget: Carole King is a gem. And wherever she goes, we will follow.

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