We Need To Talk About How Cute Mateo Is On “Jane The Virgin”

1. Ever since Mateo was born at the end of Season 1 of Jane the Virgin, he has undoubtedly been the most adorable character on the show.

Here he is, played by Aiden Fernandes.

3. After Michael died earlier in Season 3, the show fast-forwarded three years into the future and Mateo isn’t a baby anymore…

4. But he’s just as adorable as a toddler!

Toddler Mateo is played by four-year-old actor Joseph Sanders.

17. And Mateo isn’t the only baby who’s more grown up on Jane. Anna and Elsa — Petra and Rafael’s daughters — are toddlers now, too.

Fun fact: Anna and Elsa are played by Ella and Mia Allan, who also played Nora Braverman in Parenthood.

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