We Call Ourselves the “Nordstrom6″—These Are the Items We Suggest to Everyone

You might be familiar with Susie Wright from previous stories like this one on wardrobe staples. She’s a former Nordstrom buyer, current stylist, and influencer with her site So Susie. Aside from posting chic outfit ideas on her feed and blog, she posts content with the hashtag #Nordstrom6. That’s what we wanted to focus more on today.

During the quarantine, various stylists (including Wright) found each other through social media and formed a bond over fashion, Nordstrom shopping, and their love of helping people uncover their personal style. Given that they’re all scattered throughout the country, they wanted to find a way to join together to share content they’re passionate about, so they created the Nordstrom6. Every Sunday, using their own channels, they focus on a topic (like the pieces they’re each living in at the moment), and each highlights their shopping and styling pieces that fit within that week’s theme, all tied together with the hashtag.

We thought it could be fun to highlight this group by asking each to share a favorite pick. Specifically, we wanted to know about one of the top items they personally love and also suggest to those who ask for styling advice either on the job or in their day-to-day life. The items coming your way are true staples in their eyes.

Keep scrolling to learn more from the Nordstrom6 and to shop a few wardrobe staples that might be of interest.

“A utility jacket should be on everyone’s list. The neutral green color works with all denim, and it’s so easy most months of the year. I also make sure everyone has a fresh white tee and neutral shoes because they pull outfits together.” — Susie Wright, @susie.wright

“A blazer is one of my styling staples and the perfect piece to pull an outfit together year-round. It helps shape your overall silhouette.” — Jennifer Sattler, @closetchoreography

“Blazers and denim are my all-time go-tos—you can never have too many. I show everyone how to wear a blazer and denim because this instantly elevates a casual look.” — Danielle Gilbert, @dg_stylist

“Fabulous footwear is a must for every stylish wardrobe. Shoes are a great way to show your unique personality and elevate your look. I encourage clients to play with color, texture, and heel height.” — Sandy Koszarek, @stylishsandy

“A silk slip dress is my go-to and has often saved me when I’m running late. I can never have too many of this easy throw-on style.” — Rose Hayes, @rosehayes

“I love to add a fun, edgy piece to my dressing rooms in a style the customer might not typically try. For affordable trends, my go-tos are Topshop and Astr the Label.” — Stacey Jones, @instylewithstacey

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