Wait, I Think These J.Crew and Nordstrom Items Will Sell Out by the Holidays

It’s kind of wild to think about it, but the holiday season is fast approaching. To get shoppers prepped, some of those favorite retailers have already launched gifting departments, including J.Crew and Nordstrom. If you’re somebody that likes to start shopping for gifts or holiday-season outfits early, this may be the ideal time to fulfill those shopping needs.

To give you a bit of inspiration, I scrolled through J.Crew and Nordstrom to curate a range of standout finds. Specifically, I pulled out pieces that I think might sell out by the time the holidays arrive due to their chic and popular nature, and the fact that some of the sizing options are already low. So if you’ve been eying a sweater from Nordstrom’s holiday gift shop or that gorgeous J.Crew slip skirt to wear to your holiday parties, keep scrolling to shop coveted pieces now. 

This is one of J.Crew best sellers and might not stick around forever.

Sizing is already starting to go here.

A gorgeous gift idea.

A stunner.

This blouse screams party time.

Sweater blazers are a favorite for so many.

A glorious sweater.

The jewel buttons!

The buttons on the neck add a nice touch.

Yep, a perfect shirt.

This one is almost sold out.

This jacket…

Cozy time.

You’ll get so much wear out of these pants this winter.

Nice color.

J.Crew coats for the win.

The slit hem is chic.

Customers rave about this dress—a lovely gift option.

This popular style is going in and out of stock.

This skirt also just got restocked.

Functional and so fashionable.

This coat looks so expensive.

Amazing slouchy fit.

The texture!

Forward jeans.

Grab these before they’re gone.

Comfy and chic.

These boots had over 50 people viewing them when I put together this story.

Gorgeous silhouette.

Ballet flats are in, and these don’t stay in stock for long.

Those sleeves.

Try these sneakers with your favorite baggy jeans.

Hello, party skirt.

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