Vivica Fox: I Don’t Have COVID-19!!

Vivica A. Fox has revealed that a professional COVID-19 test came back negative for the virus Monday.

The result came the day after she was forced to pull out of Sunday’s Emmy red carpet coverage due to a positive test.

Fox is now claiming that the original COVID test was a false-positive.

“On Friday, I took a self-administered COVID-19 test and as many of you are aware it came back positive,” she wrote on the Instagram post. “Two days I took another COVID test, this one administered by a medical professional and I’m thrilled to announce (that) last night my results came back NEGATIVE!”

She added, “I’m feeling great, and I want to thank everyone for their show of love and support.”

It’s unclear who carried out the actress’s initial test. On Sunday, she released the following statement.

“During these unprecedented times, it’s more important than ever that we follow all safety and health rules and guidelines to protect ourselves and each other. I’m sending my very best to Nina and Brad, who I know will hold down the fort. And congratulations to all tonight’s nominees! I look forward to seeing everyone again soon!”