Vicki Gunvalson: Lisa Rinna Wouldn’t Have a Job If It Wasn’t for Me

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is not happy about being snubbed by Beverly Hills Housewife Lisa Rinna.

She says Lisa would not have a job if it weren’t for her.

“The last time I saw all of them was either at Bravo Con or Andy’s baby shower in January of last year. And truly, you know, Lisa Rinna didn’t give me the time of day.”

Vicki says she approached Lisa: “I said hi to her, and she was like, ‘Oh yeah, you’re Orange County.'” Vicki added, “They wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for me starting this damn thing!” she said to David Yontef.

She also slammed Lisa for attention-seeking at Andy Cohen’s baby shower:

“It’s just, I just felt looked down on, you know, she’s up on the tables, dancing. I’m like, ‘Why? This is Andy’s baby shower. You want attention?” she said. “It was just all very, I just sat back going, ‘Wow, this is a little messed up.'”


RHOBH Reunion Trailer (; 1:00)

Vicki walked away from the show last year, after having been demoted to “Friend” status for Season 14.