Um, These Are Hands-Down the Coolest Chanel Bags I’ve Ever Seen

Buying a Chanel bag is a big deal. It’s an investment that one typically plans on keeping for a lifetime. Because of that, people always tend to go with a neutral color in a classic shape. Is that the smart choice? Yes, of course. However, it so often blinds us to the multitude of jaw-dropping styles that exist. As a fashion editor, I have naturally seen my fair share of stunning Chanel bags over the years, but it wasn’t until recently when I was browsing the site for a story that I came across this bag right here and it stopped me in my tracks. I then took it upon myself to scroll through every single Chanel bag on the site and was blown away by all of the noteworthy handbags I had never seen before. 

In case you were curious about what I stumbled upon, I rounded up all of the Chanel handbags I can confidently say are the coolest I’ve ever seen. Featuring an array of new styles from currently available and a wide variety of vintage treasures as well, I can promise you that the selection ahead is one you’ll never forget. And if you end up blowing your life savings on a few, don’t blame me. 

I can confidently say that I would do anything to get my hands on this bag. 

This bag could be your new fuzzy friend for life. 

This springtime selection of color combinations is iconic. 

The mixed metals on the straps are really making me feel something. 

I refuse to go to the beach until I own this set. 

My heart races when I look at this. 

A clutch you’ll carry for a lifetime. 

Imagine showing up to an event carrying this. 

Frame this. 

Sleek, simple, yet completely noteworthy. 

All the ’90s babies will appreciate this one. 

That massive pearl with the double C’s makes me smile. 

I’ll never be able to look at another backpack the same again. 

Bubblegum is the color of the season and Chanel was one of the first to show us how it’s done. 

From the colors to the shape, this baby bag is the definition of cute. 

After one look at this, I am in desperate need of an Italian vacation. 

Chanel always makes black and white look like the freshest color duo on the market. 

This color is just weird enough that it might just work with everything in your closet. 

If you don’t remember the iconic grocery store runway show, you’re not a true Chanel fan. 

If you want a good conversation starter, carry this bag. 

Everything about this bag is perfect. 

A minty fresh update to your accessories arsenal this spring. 

Look, ma, no hands. 

Add a little bit of sparkle. 

No words can even begin to describe how vibey this one is. 

A color only a Chanel bag could pull off. 

Because your phone needs some love too.

Think outside the box and opt for navy versus black for once. 

This two-tone situation has me feeling some type of way. 

Take in all the textures. 

Retro in all the right ways. 

Zenon would approve. 

Quite possibly the chicest raffia bag that’s ever existed. 

Chanel’s version of the checkerboard trend (from the ’80s). 

Denim handbags tend to be polarizing, but this one does not.  Next up, 7 sustainable swimsuit brands to know and love this summer.