Tyra Banks Denies Being Engaged To Louis Bélanger-Martin

Supermodel Tyra Banks has shut down rumors that she’s engaged to Louis Bélanger-Martin.

The pair were seen out in August, and Tyra appeared to be wearing an engagement ring — but Tyra says it’s just a ring.

“They’re talking about the ring … The ring is a crab. It’s shaped like a crab … and it’s an opal, not a diamond,” Banks told daytime talk show host, Tamron Hall. “It is not a crab opal engagement ring. It is just a ring.”

She added, “The press gets it right sometimes but a lot of times they’re bored.”

In January, a source close to the pair confirmed the two were dating.

“They’re a pretty happy couple and have been together for over a year,” a source close to Banks told Page Six, adding that they were “very, very much in love.”

They were first spotted out together last October and reportedly moved in together in November.