Twitter Claims Female Rapper Young Ma: A Proud Gay Stud – Pregnant By A MAN!!

Twitter is going out of control this morning, MTO News has learned, with reports that female rapper Young Ma – who is a proud gay stud – is pregnant by a man, MTO News has learned.

The claim is so crazy, that it had Young Ma as the number one trending topic on the social media platform for a good part of today.

The rumors started online yesterday, when a person claimed to have spotted Young Ma, and she appeared to have a rather large baby bump.

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And Young Ma has been out of the limelight recently – and hasn’t;t posted any pics of herself in months, which caused the speculation to rise even further.

As MTO News reported last month, Young Ma is currently in a drug treatment rehabilitation facility, getting her life right.

Then Twitter went out of control. Here are just a few of the tweets:

MTO News reached out to Young Ma’s camp, about the rumor and the female rapper’s team told us that the rumor of her being pregnant is “100% false.”

Then, Young Ma took to social media to respond to the rumor herself. Look what she had to say about it: