Trust Me—You’ll Want in on These Autumn/Winter 2022 Makeup Trends

As we head toward knitwear-and-boots season (my absolute favorite time of the year), we’ve really spotted a shift in makeup. Naturally, we usually transition our makeup with the changing seasons, but this time, it’s not as literal as choosing an autumn lipstick color to pair with a roll-neck or packing away our bright eyeliners from the summer. Instead, the fall/winter 2022 makeup trendslend themselves to more of a mood.

After a long period of “clean girl” makeup (i.e., no-makeup makeup), we’re now seeing a return to experimenting with lipstick, blush, and eye makeup again. Because makeup is about having fun, right? Bold beauty is back, and we’re welcoming it with open arms. “I think after two years of masks, we are all feeling a bit over the no-makeup look and are ready for fun again and excited to look our best,” says Omayma Ramzy, the celebrity makeup artist behind Omayma Skin. “A dark lip liner and gloss is really a strong look for autumn and winter.”

We asked top makeup artists to share their predictions on the top fall/winter 2022 makeup trends and how you can achieve the mood for the new season.

Taking one feature, such as the eyes or lips, and applying a bold shade will be one of the biggest makeup trends for fall/winter 2022, says Daniel Martin, global director of artistry and education at Tatcha. “Skin is healthy and radiant, while color, either on the lips, cheeks or eyes, is a bold statement or even embellished with appliqués,” he says. “It’s an accent on the face that strikes attention while keeping the skin looking and feeling real.”

The key to this trend is keeping your base glowing and lightweight in order to showcase colors and textures. Think bold lipstick paired with simple eyeliner and dewy, natural skin.

This trend isn’t limited to the lips. Why not try sweeping a bold hue across the eyelids?

This lip tint can also be tapped into the cheeks for a flush of colour.

This creamy matte lipstick looks so chic paired with minimal makeup, which lets your lipstick do the talking.

This liquid lipstick is light as air, leaving lips coated in a velvety finish. 

The ultra-precise nib on this lipstick allows you to perfectly apply your lipstick.

According to a study by Cult Beauty, products such as body glitter, metallic makeup, and makeup embellishments were some of the top-searched-for trends of 2022. That’s right—everything you wore to your school disco is back, no doubt influenced by theincredible eye makeup looks in Euphoria and the rise of the “night luxe” aesthetic on TikTok. This time, we’re passing on the body glitter and opting for shimmering eye shadows in glittering shades that almost have a translucent effect perfect for party season. “As the Euphoria theme carries on, there are splashes of frosty shades, a play with metallic accents with block silver or color foil,” says makeup artist and founder of Studio One Makeup Lan Nguyen-Grealis. “Think shimmering highlights and adornment jewels around the eye with clean skin.”

“Choose what accent you want to play with, or simply customize and stick jewels to frame your eyes, brows, or liner for a splash of glamour,” says Nguyen-Grealis. “The trick is to keep it tonal and not clashing to avoid a disco look. Pair with a gorgeous clean base and touch of natural lipstick or balm for the effortless approach.”

Shimmering shades look great in purple and gold tones.

We’re screenshotting and saving this subtle molten metallic eye shadow look on Simone Ashley.

Lid Lustre leaves lids with a subtle sparkle, and the little pot looks chic too.

This adds a subtle, translucent shimmer to eyelids and can be built up to a more opaque finish.

The night-luxe trend calls for makeup products that ensure your makeup will last into the night. This priming base creates a blurred effect on the skin while ensuring makeup stays put. It quite literally blurs pores and ensures makeup looks freshly applied all day and night.

Lipstick is a tale of two extremes this season; if it’s not a matte-petal finish then we’re opting for lacquered, high-shine vinyl lips instead. “This season, we’ll see more gradient lip glosses with brighter red in the center and darker on the outside, like trendsetter Gigi Hadid wore to the Met Gala,” says Ramzy.

Roll-neck? Shades? Neutral, glossy lips? Check, check, check, J.Lo.

Zendaya wore lip gloss, so naturally, we’re wearing lip gloss. “For healthy, glowy skin and a glossy, bold bright lip (as seen on the runway at Miu Miu) try using the Tatcha Camellia Gold Spun Lip Balm on the highest parts of the face–it works as an incredible highlighter. On top of a bold lipstick, like Hourglass Confession Lipstick Red 0, it transforms into a gloss with beautiful shine,” says Martin.

This is the exact shade that Gigi Hadid wore at the Met Gala this year.

Leaves a high-shine, expensive-looking sheen on lips and the high points of the face.

Coats lips in a beautiful sheen with a non-sticky finish.

Blush is still going strong as a makeup trend for fall/winter 2022. “I’m seeing a big blush trend at the moment in so many different ways,” says Ramzy. One way is’blush strobing,’ using a bright-pink lipstick or cream blush under your foundation. Let it set, and then go with your foundation over it. The idea is that your blush will properly blend with your foundation to create a flush look,” she says.

“I’m seeing a lot of blush going up under the eyes too,” says Ramzy. “Take your blush all the way from the outer apples of the cheeks to the under-eye area. Then go in with your brightening concealer and blend it. The idea with this trend is that you’re brightening out any dull or dark circles and giving a super-bright fresh face. 

We love how the placement of this blush enhances cheekbones.

Blush also looks pretty concentrated on the apples of your cheeks and combined with a dewy highlighter on cheekbones for a multidimensional look.

Chantecaille’s gel-cream blush melts beautifully into the skin.

“I think we’ll see lots of washes of vivid block colors on eyes in colors such as blue, green or red,” says Nguyen-Grealis. That’s right—blue eye shadow is back, and lately, we’ve been seeing celebrities wear this look everywhere. “These will either frame the eye or will feature just a wash and blended out in a winged shape or graphic box painterly placed on the eyes,” she says.

When creating statement eyes—especially with block colors—you should follow the eye shape and build up to the shape needed before filling in,” recommends Nguyen-Grealis. “Using the correct product, such as liner, to draw it out and fill in with the eye shadow and layer on top to build density. For everyday wear, avoid using creams unless you want to keep touching up,” she adds.

We’re into Gigi Hadid’s take on the trend, which is paired with precise, double-winged eyeliner.

A gel-like liner will ensure your color stays put, and this deep-blue shade is such a suits-all winner.

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