Trust Me—Buy These 18 Jeans

Trust Me—Buy This is a monthly series where our market editor Nicole Eshaghpour makes her favorite real-life fashion finds shopable for Who What Wear readers.

Hello and welcome to another Trust Me—Buy This story! In case you’re new here, today I’ll be sharing my favorite items of the moment with more of a personal spin than your usual roundup. With a little help from my shopping-focused Instagram account, @trustmebuythis, where I post my own (mediocre) snaps of items I’m into at the moment, I get to show and tell you about some of my most-loved fashion items in a range of categories. 

Since we’ve recently officially entered what is arguably the best season of all, I figured it would only be fitting to focus on my absolute favorite fashion staple: jeans. Putting aside the fact that I’ve been pregnant for the last nine-or-so months and can’t wait to get back into my collection of high-waisted denim, this is something I look forward to every year when the temperatures start to drop. As you’ll soon get to see, this fall, I’ll be bringing back some old favorites while also adding some newer finds to my ever-growing selection. To get started shopping and reading about each of my picks, simply keep scrolling. 

These are a lot more special than your average pair of jeans. They have a great straight cut that’s neither too slim nor too baggy, which always leads to people asking me where they’re from.

These are at the top of my wish list this season. I love the ultra-high rise and modest bootcut.

I can’t be the only one who isn’t opposed to light jeans in fall.

I wore these jeans almost every day over the last two falls and winters, and I don’t see much changing this year.

This is one of few pairs of jeans that I’ve found can have that vintage, rigid look while still having some (comfortable) stretch.

Topshop’s jeans have always had a cult following, and it’s not just because of the appealing prices.

I tend to opt for rigid, 100% cotton jeans, but when I wanted something comfortable, this stretchier pair from L’Agence became my go-to. I love how pure and dark the shade of black is, so they feel almost more like pants than jeans.

When Reformation makes jeans, you automatically know they’re going to be good.

Try to ignore the sandals and instead imagine these with all your favorite boots and mules.

I was on the hunt for a good ecru-colored pair of jeans for a while, and my search ended when I found these from Agolde. I intentionally wanted something on the looser side because of the light color, so these fit the bill perfectly. 

For days when you want more of a “chill” look, loose is key.

This brand gets you that vintage vibe without the hunt.

I can always count on Levi’s for an amazing pair of jeans under $100.

Call it a hunch, but I feel like these are going to sell out fast.

I don’t own any Khaite jeans (yet), but I have tried them on, and they are quite high up on my wish list.

The super-high rise, range of colors, rigid material, and ever-so-slightly flared leg are just some of the reasons our entire editorial team is obsessed with Agolde’s Pinch Jeans. 

This is exactly how I would style these jeans, too, from the blazer down to the boots.

I recommended these to a friend who needed a new pair of everyday jeans, and she recently told me she can’t stop wearing them. Naturally, I now want a pair.

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